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 (răg′wûrt′, -wôrt′)
Any of various plants in the composite family, chiefly of the genera Senecio and Packera, having yellow flower heads. S. jacobaea, a European species poisonous to livestock, is widely naturalized in North America and elsewhere.

[From the ragged shape of its leaves.]


(Plants) any of several plants of the genus Senecio, esp S. jacobaea of Europe, that have yellow daisy-like flowers: family Asteraceae (composites). See also groundsel1


(ˈrægˌwɜrt, -ˌwɔrt)

any of various composite plants of the genus Senecio, usu. bearing yellow, slender-rayed flower heads.
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Noun1.ragwort - widespread European weed having yellow daisylike flowersragwort - widespread European weed having yellow daisylike flowers; sometimes an obnoxious weed and toxic to cattle if consumed in quantity
genus Senecio, Senecio - enormous and diverse cosmopolitan genus of trees and shrubs and vines and herbs including many weeds
weed - any plant that crowds out cultivated plants
2.ragwort - American ragwort with yellow flowers
wild flower, wildflower - wild or uncultivated flowering plant
genus Senecio, Senecio - enormous and diverse cosmopolitan genus of trees and shrubs and vines and herbs including many weeds


[ˈrægwɜːt] Nhierba f cana, zuzón m, hierba f de Santiago


[ˈrægˌwɜːt] nerba di San Giacomo
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Golden patches of ragwort blazed here and there among a tangled mass of no doubt worthier herbage,--such even in nature is the power of gold,--and there were the usual birds.
It gives incorrect advice that landowners have a legal obligation to control ragwort.
Ragwort, which grows plentifully across North Wales, can be fatally poisonous to horses and other animals which eat it,, including humans.
Dear Editor, Many supporters have contacted us recently to voice their concerns about ragwort, a weed which is blooming at the moment.
TOXINS in the weed, ragwort, pose a health risk to people as well as horses and cattle, say experts at the British Horse Society, based in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.
Fine Gael councillor Padraig Conneely has written to the minister to prosecute Galway City Council in a bid to halt the spread of ragwort.
RAGWORT pulling and signmaking will be part of three days of voluntary action at a North Yorkshire nature reserve.
There is a ragwort problem along the dunes at Seahouses.
I WOULD like to congratulate Devon County Council for their efforts in removing ragwort from their area.
Mark Aveyard Pity the same can't be said for ragwort which is a poison to both animals and humans
Common ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) causes more annual loss to the livestock industry than all other plants together.
INEVER cease to be surprised at the controversies that rage up here in Tweedo Paradiso after the townies have their say in the great countryside debates; take ragwort, for instance.