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Noun1.railroad station - terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goodsrailroad station - terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goods
depot, terminal, terminus - station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods
flag stop, whistle stop, way station - a small railway station between the principal stations or a station where the train stops only on a signal
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At the railroad station, the crate was handled, not with deliberate roughness, but with such carelessness that it half- slipped out of a baggage-man's hands, capsized sidewise, and was caught when it was past the man's knees but before it struck the cement floor.
He slept in the office that was unspeakably dirty and dined at Biff Carter's lunch room in a small frame building opposite the railroad station.
The railroad station at Independence was blown up by the agents of the capitalists.
Much of what I have said has been written on board trains, or at hotels or railroad stations while I have been waiting for trains, or during the moments that I could spare from my work while at Tuskegee.
It is planned to create a small-scale LNG production complex near the Obskaya railroad station and to set up platforms for mobile CNG filling stations, along with servicing points for locomotives of Gazpromtrans at the Obskaya, Razyezd 15 and Karskaya stations.
Barnabas Hospital, Bronx Zoo, Tremont Park, Crotona Park and the Tremont Metro-North railroad station.
30 ( ANI ): New wave of terrorism fears looms over Winter Olympics in Sochi after a suicide bombing at a railroad station in central Russia killed 15 people on Sunday.
Restaurant is located across street from scenic railroad station.
THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Shawwal 24, 1433, Sep 11, 2012, SPA - Two trams have collided near a busy railroad station in The Hague, injuring 36 passengers.
In 2006, a Japanese film directed by Eiji Okuda, "Nagai Sampo" (A Long Walk), won the Grand Prix, while Takakura received an actor's award in 1999 for his portrayal of an old railroad station master in "Poppoya" (Railroad Man).
The public tender for the overdue renovations of the Central Railroad Station in the Bulgarian capital Sofia has been launched Tuesday.
The fire was noticed by an official as the train passed through a railroad station early Monday.

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