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Noun1.railroad tunnel - a tunnel through which the railroad track runsrailroad tunnel - a tunnel through which the railroad track runs
tunnel - a passageway through or under something, usually underground (especially one for trains or cars); "the tunnel reduced congestion at that intersection"
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EDT - Switzerland inaugurated the world's longest railroad tunnel Wednesday, (http://www.
Damage also occurred leading to the partial collapse of a railroad tunnel in Zagazig, Sharqeya.
3 (1873) the post office at the small Lauderdale County town of Tunnel Hill, named for the only railroad tunnel in Mississippi history, opened.
6) A Boston and Maine railroad tunnel is no longer in use.
Canada's oldest railroad tunnel built between 1854 and 1860
Highway traffic began traveling through the converted railroad tunnel in summer 2000, and this new route lured boaters to Whittier and Prince William Sound as a port closer to home than Seward or Homer.
After some investigation, the monk discovered the unthinkable: The South Korean government was preparing to drill an 8-mile-long railroad tunnel beneath her monastery, piercing the heart of a mountain Jiyul considered sacred.
TOKYO - Senior lawmakers from the ruling and opposition camps decided Friday to launch a bipartisan group possibly next month to push for construction of an undersea railroad tunnel between Japan and South Korea, inviting all Japanese parliament members to join.
The Duke plays an ethical engineer whose feels uncomfortable about being hired to build a railroad tunnel through the South American Andes.
In 1950 the submarine Perch landed sixty-seven British marines behind communist lines in Korea to blow up a railroad tunnel.
Previously, the rail line was in the news in November 2003, when a fire erupted inside a railroad tunnel in the Siskiyou Mountains near the Oregon-California border.