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POLICE have arrested a man in their hunt for a bogus railworker suspected of stealing cycles from stations.
According to the Los Angeles-based Gerontology Research Group, Kimura is the world s oldest man since Walter Bruening, a retired railworker, died of natural causes last Thursday in the US state of Montana at the age of 114.
He lives in Marrickville, Sydney, and has worked as a steelworker, railworker, library worker, writer, community organiser and academic.
One disgusted railworker who helped us uncover the safety scandal said: "These are basic things that have been left unrepaired.
Railworker Antoni Imiela, 48, of Appledore, Kent, was charged with nine counts of rape in connection with the attacks across the South East of England.
A railworker said: ``The danger to life of this freight train crossing the points is simply too huge to contemplate.
Retired railworker Harry Smith, 80, of Leam Lane Estate, Gateshead, is treasurer of the North East Pensioners' Association and has been active in campaigning for a better deal in the region.
2002: A railworker who reportedly warned Railtrack about the poor condition of the line at Potters Bar was said to be talking to police about his concerns.
RICHARD ROBINSON, a railworker from Ewell, bought a ticket to fish in nearby Epsom Common's Stew Pond on his first day off for months.
RMT general secretary Bob Crow made his call for a public inquiry after revealing that one of his members - a railworker - had alerted management to problems near the points at Potters Bar three weeks before last Friday's crash which claimed seven lives.
A German railworker looks at a bridge damaged by flooding in Riesa near Dresden