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Noun1.railyard - an area having a network of railway tracks and sidings for storage and maintenance of cars and enginesrailyard - an area having a network of railway tracks and sidings for storage and maintenance of cars and engines
marshalling yard - a railway yard in which trains are assembled and goods are loaded
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05pm) Tony Scott's enjoyable thriller opens in a Pennsylvania railyard, where Dewey (Ethan Suplee) foolishly jumps off a slow-moving freight train in order to race ahead and change a set of points.
Several chapters focus heavily on the city's two-front battle with Albany and the Dolan family over the construction of a football stadium on top of the western railyard in what is now Hudson Yards.
The RMG cranes will be used in BMCTs railyard, which can handle double-stack container trains up to 1.
The train had been headed around a curve behind the lumber business through the Union Pacific railyard when the cars left the track in what initially was reported as an injury derailment.
On August 17, 1942, the 97th Bomb Group (shown flying in formation at right) conducted the first American strategic bombing mission over Europe when twelve B-17 Flying Fortresses bombed the Rouen-Sotteville Railyard in France.
The injunction has been a major stumbling block in the railroad's plans to build a propane transloading facility at its railyard in North Grafton.
In addition, Union Pacific and BNSF Railway paid for cleanup of an old railyard in Wallace and connecting rail spurs that followed Canyon and Nine Mile creeks to historic mining areas.
In In re Great Point Intermodal, LLC (a 2004 decision from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania), a debtor involved in the trucking business had fallen behind in payment to a creditor that had provided the debtor access to a railyard which the debtor had used for storage and shipment of goods to its customers.
Launched last week and available now, Lincoln's new, free, outdoor public Wi-Fi service, Lincoln_Free_WiFi_ is the first step in the city's plans to offer free and pervasive public Wi-Fi in and around the Haymarket and Railyard areas.
A smoke-free community designed for LEED Gold certification, AMLI Riverfront Park makes use of green design features including sustainable landscaping, a 20 percent reduction in water-use and is just steps from Railyard Dog Park.
Events at the Springburn Railcare yard, the last railyard in Scotland, show in microcosm the mishandling of the British economy by this Coalition Government.
Although it is estimated that the project will create as many as 1500 temporary jobs to build the facility and eventually over 1000 jobs to run it, the community where the new railyard will be built wants it relocated somewhere else, away from their schools, daycare centers, and parks.