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Noun1.rain dance - a ritual dance intended to bring rainrain dance - a ritual dance intended to bring rain
ceremonial dance, ritual dance, ritual dancing - a dance that is part of a religious ritual
corn dance - a rain dance of Amerindians
Hawaiian dancing, hula, hula-hula - a Polynesian rain dance performed by a woman
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For example, some Native American Indian tribes are known to have a ceremony called the Rain Dance to induce rain during the dry season.
He was charged by the Prime Minister with persuading the nation to use less water - and ordered by No 10 to do a rain dance on behalf of the nation.
This yearning to find a form of catharsis and expression through a craft has lead to his successful but challenging roles as choreographer, teacher and co-founder of First Rain Dance Theatre.
The fully working installation now on display comes complete with an amazing Hansgrohe Rain Dance shower.
Tenders are invited for Supplying, Instaling, Testing & Commissioning Of Filtration Plant For Rain Dance & Musical Fountain At Ranmal Lake Jamnagar (Project Under The Grant Of Sjmmsvy Udp 78)
Since the final declarations, I've had my foot soldiers at Power Tower conduct a rain dance on the roof, as I'm very keen on the chance of current 12-1 chance Vastonea who will be suited by lots of the wet stuff.
DAVID Bridgwater will do his best impression of a rain dance ahead of Wyck Hill's attempt to win back-toback renewals of the Betfred Eider Chase at Newcastle on Saturday.
Sadie Dressekie, is the new owner and principal broker of both Eugene Commercial Real Estate and Rain Dance Real Estate.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC performed a rain dance after beating the showers and blowing away Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in straight sets under the Centre Court roof.
There is a Maasai tribal village in the African savanna which has the incredible ability to bring on rain every time villagers perform their rain dance.
In their first presentation since their hugely successful run at the National Theatre of Namibia with PassionFruit; First Rain Dance Theatre again take to the stage, and this time they really mean business.
Each day the protesters produce surprises - on Sunday it was air-raid sirens, on Monday it was a rain dance, as the crowds jabbed the skies with banners, like umbrellas, with a tribal roar.