rain off

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w>rain off

, (US) rain out
vt sep to be rained offwegen Regen nicht stattfinden; (= abandoned)wegen Regen abgebrochen werden
References in classic literature ?
In this dilemma, Mistress Affery, with her apron as a hood to keep the rain off, ran crying up and down the solitary paved enclosure several times.
Failures slide off them like July rain off a duck's back feathers.
Thousands wore free Daily Mirror ponchos to keep the rain off as they listened to the voice that entertained millions around the world.
I cover the top with a clear sheet of plastic to keep the rain off and protect against frost.
Former Open champion Stewart Cink donned some natty headgear to keep the rain off as conditions closed in.
They're perfect as they keep the rain off your head and at the same time they keep your arms free to do what you want.