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An event, such as an athletic contest, that has been rained out.


(Physical Geography) radioactive fallout or atmospheric pollution carried to the earth by rain



the cancellation or postponement of a sports event, performance, etc., because of rain.
[1945–50, Amer.]


Radioactive material in the atmosphere brought down by precipitation.
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It was a rainout of biblical proportions, and Hot Springs made sure it would never happen again.
Worcester manager Justin Edwards said the rainout is great for his team, not just physically, but mentally.
With levels of humidification only reaching ambient conditions, there is no threat of rainout in the sample lines.
However, studies today are showing that some heated humidification systems can deliver insufficient humidity, yet non-heated humdifiers allow condensation and rainout.
Because of the rainout, DAV members attending the game redeemed their min checks for another Bats game this season, with many attending a Memorial Day weekend game saluting all veterans.
We are very pleased with this year's donation," said Steve Jackson, President of the Atlanta Classic Foundation, the tournament's organizing body, "especially given the capital expenditures we needed to make this year and then the loss of final round revenue due to the rainout.
Whatever happened to the rainout and the doubleheader?
As the Red Sox stumble through 2014, a stumble that was temporarily halted by Friday's rainout, they are trying to compete in the present and prepare for the future at the same time.
The rainout was a sign of things to come as the Travelers lost five dates to rain, the worst rainy season in the Texas League.
The first game, which was to be a seven-inning makeup of a rainout on the Ems' last trip across the Canadian border, went until the ninth when Dane Phillips doubled home Jeremy Baltz for a 6-5 victory.
That was pushed back a day because Friday night's rainout afforded the Dodgers more flexibility with their pitching staff and less urgency for Lowe to return to the rotation.
That would make it 38 games in 38 days,'' said manager John Farrell when asked why the rainout was not rescheduled for the next time the Rays are in town, as has been customary.