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Waterproof or water-resistant clothing worn as protection from rain.


(Clothing & Fashion) waterproof clothes designed to be worn when it is raining



waterproof or water-repellent clothing.


[ˈreɪnwɛəʳ] Nropa f para la lluvia, ropa f impermeable
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Rainwear (Pant & Jacket) For The Employee Of Hq Division, Electricity Department, Port Blair
Didriksons all-year-round rainwear/Slaskeman Kids' set Keep the weather out whatever your kids fancy doing in the great outdoors this summer with Didriksons allyear-round rainwear.
The Panda K-Way has been designed in collaboration with rainwear label, K-Way.
13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- FLW, the world's largest tournament-fishing organization, has announced a sponsorship deal with Frogg Toggs, the undisputed leader in lightweight, breathable, affordable rainwear.
SQUID KIDS COLOUR CHANGING RAINCOAT ON contact with rain the design of this raincoat, which is part of a colour-changing children's rainwear range, comes alive with contrasting colours.
Northumberland-based Baggers Originals, which produces a range of fashionable rainwear that folds conveniently into an attached inside pocket, was first established by Angela McLean in the late 1980s.
The new multi-terrain rainwear also lacks pockets to stow maps and other vital equipment, or zips to access kit underneath.
Product lines include outdoor wear such as jackets, pants, boots and rainwear as well as the finest camping accessories, tents, backpacks, carrying cases, sleeping bags, etc.
Besides, Antwerp will offer additional cycle facilities, such as rainwear and douches, to trigger sustainable mobility.
a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of rainwear products, has lately received orders for ski jackets and leisure garments from three renowned Japanese brands and is expected to ship the goods in the first half of next February.
The Mollett Fireplaces sign (top, right) was a dominant feature of the street for many years, and the Wilberfort rainwear shop (centre) was another famous commercial landmark.
Feel good in that exquisite winter coat or gillet, treat yourself from a selection of faux fur by Blue Rouge, or choose individual rainwear from the Rofa or Ubu collections.