raise the roof

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 (ro͞of, ro͝of)
a. The exterior surface and its supporting structures on the top of a building.
b. The upper exterior surface of a dwelling as a symbol of the home itself: three generations living under one roof.
2. The top covering of something: the roof of a car.
3. The upper surface of an anatomical structure, especially one having a vaulted inner structure: the roof of the mouth.
4. The highest point or limit; the summit or ceiling: A roof on prices is needed to keep our customers happy.
tr.v. roofed, roof·ing, roofs
To furnish with a roof or cover.
go through the roof Slang
1. To grow, intensify, or rise to an enormous, often unexpected degree: Operating costs went through the roof last year.
2. To become extremely angry: When I told her about breaking the window, she went through the roof.
raise the roof Slang
1. To be extremely noisy and boisterous: They raised the roof at the party.
2. To complain loudly and bitterly: Angry tenants finally raised the roof about their noisy neighbors.

[Middle English, from Old English hrōf.]
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Verb1.raise the roof - get very angry; "He will raise the roof when he hears this"
see red, anger - become angry; "He angers easily"
References in classic literature ?
It's like breaking a few back windows in a man's house; whereas, if you want to make him really sit up, you must try at least to raise the roof.
Now the singers, supporters, friends and family are planning to raise the roof of the Black Bull in Shepley on Thursday at 6pm at the event he loved.
To apply, call Raise the Roof Productions on 0141 427 5880 or visit www.
twitter Join us twitter @LivEcho News Ambrose Reynolds, curator of Raise the Roof Festival, said: "The beauty of the space is that it can transform into anything, and play host to any kind of event.
BUDDING singers are being given the chance to raise the roof of Gateshead's new Sage concert hall.
Hudson, provided the electrical work on a new house for a Habitat for Humanity; Women Raise The Roof Again project.
Raise the roof until a 1/4-in hole is visible in the side of the upper section of the corner post facing the roof jack.
This figure would have astonished our ancestors, but it won't raise the roof on Oprah.
THE Bootlegs are so good you would gladly raise the roof even if they did Paul McCartney's Frog Chorus.
When gauging the integrity of a CPA's decision, we ask: Is the CPA thinking about keeping the client, the fees he's generating or the proper treatment according to pronouncements even if the client will raise the roof when told?
es The children's cancer charity is aiming to raise pounds 800,000 as part of its Raise the Roof appeal to build an extra storey on the hospital, providing overnight accommodation for parents of children who suffer from cancer and leukaemia.
HUD's involvement in Raise the Roof Day is part of its Cities 2000 initiative to increase homeownership across the country and create more affordable housing within U.