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also rak·ee  (răk′ē, rä′kē, rä′kə)
n. pl. rak·is also rak·ees
A brandy of Turkey and the Balkans, distilled from grapes, plums, or other fruits and flavored with anise.

[Turkish rakı, from Arabic 'araq, arak; see arak.]


(rɑːˈkiː; ˈrækɪ) or


(Brewing) a strong spirit distilled in Turkey, the former Yugoslavia, etc, from grain, usually flavoured with aniseed or other aromatics. Compare rakia
[C17: from Turkish rāqī]
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A mere 2,661 fans might have braved the chill but they were rewarded with the second-fastest hat-trick in Champions Cup history from Raki - who then ran the length of the field to set up a stunning fourth.
Furthermore, the guests of the hotel had the opportunity to taste raki and the traditional greek ntakos, cheece and Cretan loukoumia made by a worldwide acknowledged recipe.
Target: 15mw Raki / Huajache on-grid wind projects/20% stake
13 January 2016 - UK-based power producer and power project developer Rame Energy plc (AIM: RAME) has sold its combined 15mw Raki / Huajache on-grid wind projects in Chile, in which Rame has a 20% equity holding, the company said.
In addition, rising taxes on Raki (the national drink) is shifting the consumer preference towards imported Spirits, and consequently, the manufacturers are looking for opportunities outside the home market in order to maintain their profitability.
Istanbul police have detained 15 people in connection with production and sale of the illegaly produced raki, the popular aniseed-flavoured national spirit, according to CNN Turk.
Next up, we have the leftist Republican People's Party, who Muftah tells us is known best for a feircely secular ideology, and a voracious appetite for Raki, a Turkish liquor.
From moss schnapps in Iceland to gut-busting raki in Turkey and homebrew in the Himalayas, he's learned the hard way that tippler's truism: ''It's always 5 o'clock somewhere.
e call by the yachtsmen's families for the search for the crew of the Cheeki Raki to restart has been backed by an MP as well as prominent sailing gures.
Brett Randell and Raki Weerasundara shined with the ball for the Kiwis with three wickets apiece.
The wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid is famous for its agriculture and livestock as there are more than 20 falaj (water streams) distributed across more than 30 villages that have a hilly terrain or are desert villages, including the villages of Mzairi, Moqal, Badha, Halfa, Al Qaryah, Qraishh, Al Raki etc.
Wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid is famous for its agriculture and livestock as there are more than 20 Falaj (water stream) distributed across more than 30 hill, terrain and desrt villages, including the villages of Mzairi,Moqal, Badha, Halfa, Al Qaryah, Qraishh,Al Raki and others.