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a type of Japanese pottery with a lead glaze, usually fired at low temperatures


(ˈrɑ ku)

a thick-walled, rough, lead-glazed earthenware, orig. from Japan.
[1870–75; < Japanese raku(-yaki) “pleasure” glaze]
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This week the potters played with fire during their main task, when judges Kate Malone and Keith Brymer Jones asked them to make 10 identical long-necked vases using the raku technique.
00pm Kate Malone and Keith Brymer Jones (below) ask the potters to make 10 identical long necked vases using the Raku technique.
Tonight, the remaining contestants have to make 10 identical long-necked vases using a hand-shaping technique called Raku, as well as identical candlesticks.
With Obvara having so many names and with each country having its own language, the organisation Baltic Raku is working to brand a regional term for the process of Obvara as 'Baltic Raku'.
She learned Raku early, but started her career as a painter and then turned to sculpture.
The ceramic work ranged from low-fire smoked and Raku vessels to high-fire functional and sculptural pieces in porcelain and stoneware.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Canberra, Maxim Raku, said the deployment of the ships was not directly related to Australia.
The organisers provided the raw materials needed to get started including, for those interested in ceramics, the opportunity to hand glaze raku pottery tiles.
Inspired to create something that had the look of an artifact that could have been unearthed by his young daughters who loved digging “for buried treasure” with toy shovels, ceramic artist John Davis chose Raku.
On just about any Saturday at The Pybus Market, ceramic artist Terry Porlier is at the south end of the building to greet you with his stoneware, porcelain and Raku pottery.
The block-party-style open house gives the community a chance to observe "hot techniques" like raku firing, bead making and blacksmithing, with more than 15 artists demonstrating their craft.