ram down

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Verb1.ram down - strike or drive against with a heavy impact; "ram the gate with a sledgehammer"; "pound on the door"
thrust - push forcefully; "He thrust his chin forward"
2.ram down - teach by drills and repetitionram down - teach by drills and repetition  
drill - teach by repetition

w>ram down

vt sep earthfeststampfen; (Tech) pileeinrammen; his hat was rammed down over his earssein Hut war fest über beide Ohren gezogen
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In these cases, high ram pressure is used to initially force the ram down at the beginning of a mixing cycle.
Time, originally explained as the total mix time since the start of the mixing cycle, is now commonly defined as ram down mixing time.
The ram down time confirmed that the ingestion time increased with rotor speed.
IT SEEMS to me that HS2 is yet another instance of Government trying to ram down our throats a project, which it knows is widely unpopular, by giving us conveniently optimistic estimates of the costs of the project and the economic benefits that will come from it.