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n. Southwestern US
a. A roofed, open-sided structure providing shade and protection from rain.
b. An open or partially enclosed shelter roofed with brush or branches, designed especially to provide shade.
c. An open porch or breezeway.
2. An arbor or trellis made of twined branches.

[Spanish, from rama, branch, from Vulgar Latin *rāma, from Latin rāmus; see ramify.]


Southwestern US a shelter with a roof and open sides


(rəˈmɑ də)

n., pl. -das.
an open shelter, often with a thatched roof.
[1865–70, Amer.; < American Spanish; earlier Sp enramada arbor, bower, n. use of feminine past participle of enramar to intertwine branches]
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La comparacion con las medidas de especimenes de Rio Grande, en la Puna de Jujuy, y Ramadas en la Puna de Salta, permite observar baja variacion metrica, principalmente en el ancho y la longitud (Tabla 3).
Walking trails, jogging paths, and equestrian trails, along with tennis and basketball courts, a soccer field, ramadas with picnic table and barbecue grills, as well as many different children's playgrounds are all part of the lifestyle.
He cornered 71,805 votes against Lathika's 70,652 and 12,327 votes polled by Ramadas Manaleri, the candidate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
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At the mission itself, ramadas provide shade and a rustic charm near the entrance of the mission where vendors sell traditional foods and handcrafted items, further expanding the market for the co-op growers.
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By the end of the book, the cow- broking business is down and Ramadas is moving into another field -- real estate.
Las ramadas embanderadas y la musica, el vino y los bailes folkloricos, las reuniones familiares y las comidas al aire libre convocan, ano tras ano, a la comunidad nacional a revivir el mito de unos primeros tiempos de concordia patriotica, a reafirmar los valores que fundaron la Republica.
In recent years the measurements of ultrasonic studies have been adequately employed in understanding the nature of molecular interactions in pure liquids and liquid mixtures which are very important because of their extensive use in the textile industry and other ultrasonic studies on ternary liquid mixtures have been investigated by several workers (Durai and Ramadas, 2004; Tuulmets and Salmar, 2001; Anantakrishnan and Anantaraman, 1959; Amis, 1955;Nomoto, 1953).