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1. A Japanese dish of noodles in broth, often garnished with small pieces of meat and vegetables.
2. A thin white noodle served in this dish.

[Japanese rāmen, from Mandarin lāmiàn, pulled noodles : , pull + miàn, noodle; see chow mein in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) a Japanese dish consisting of a clear broth containing thin white noodles and sometimes vegetables, meat, etc
pl n
(Cookery) thin white noodles served in such a broth
[Japanese, from Chinese la to pull + mian noodles]


(ˈrɑ mən)

Japanese noodles made primarily of wheat flour, usu. served in a broth with vegetables and meat.
[1980–85; < Japanese rāmen < Chinese lāmiàn literally, pull noodle]
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Located on New York's Upper West Side, Boru Boru, which opened in mid-February, offers the city's first kosher-certified ramen.
They just launched their ramen lunch, from which you can choose 21 different types of ramen, including Singaporean, Thai, Japanese, Burmese, Indonesian and even Indian.
They said the mother first claimed she had forgotten boiling water to cook ramen and fell asleep.
The Discovery of Ramen is a children's picturebook about the culinary invention of ramen, a Japanese noodle soup that has become ubiquitously popular outside of its home country.
Wokyo, the Tokyo-inspired noodle bar in JLT is set to host s Sapporo Ramen Festival.
We went to the fifth floor of a nearby building where Ramen Stadium was housed.
I loved noodles from the beginning, and the thing that blew my mind when I first tried it was tonkatsu [breaded pork cutlet] ramen.
The Chicken Ramen variety contains white chicken meat and vegetables in a chicken broth with ramen noodles, soy sauce and rice koji, while the Coconut Chicken & Noodle Bowl offers ramen, white meat chicken and vegetables in a coconut curry broth with lemongrass and cilantro.
Ramen is a very popular "foodie" dish but it doesn't have to be kept to trendy pop-up resaturants and food trucks.
Legal & General Investment Management Real Assets (L&G), represented by Savills, has let restaurant space at One Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester to Shoryu Ramen for its first site outside of London.
uk/2016/10/01/ice-cream-ramen-is-the-next-big-food-trend-to-make-you-confused-and-hungry-6164424/) Ice Cream ramen is a trendy new dish that will have you confused and intrigued all at the same time.
Joining the annual celebration of Southern California's culinary scene this Labor Day weekend, JETRO will be hosting a booth to showcase the diversity of Japanese ingredients, such as miso, soy sauce and ramen noodles.