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 (răm′ē, rā′mē)
1. A perennial herb or shrub (Boehmeria nivea) native to eastern Asia and cultivated elsewhere, having broad leaves and clusters of small greenish flowers.
2. The flaxlike fiber from the stem of this plant, used in making fabrics and cordage.

[Malay rami.]


(ˈræmɪ) or


1. (Plants) a woody urticaceous shrub of Asia, Boehmeria nivea, having broad leaves and a stem that yields a flaxlike fibre
2. (Textiles) the fibre from this plant, used in making fabrics, cord, etc
[C19: from Malay rami]


(ˈræm i, ˈreɪ mi)

1. an Asian shrub, Boehmeria nivea, of the nettle family, yielding a fiber used esp. in making textiles.
2. the fiber itself.
[1810–20; < Malay rami]
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Noun1.ramie - tall perennial herb of tropical Asia with dark green leavesramie - tall perennial herb of tropical Asia with dark green leaves; cultivated for the fiber from its woody stems that resembles flax
Boehmeria, genus Boehmeria - false nettle
bog hemp, false nettle - any of several flowering weeds of the genus Boehmeria lacking stinging hairs
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