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v. ram·i·fied, ram·i·fy·ing, ram·i·fies
1. To have complicating consequences or outgrowths: The problem merely ramified after the unsuccessful meeting.
2. To send out branches or subordinate branchlike parts.
To divide into or cause to extend in branches or subordinate branchlike parts.

[Middle English ramifien, to branch out, from Old French ramifier, from Medieval Latin rāmificāre : Latin rāmus, branch; see wrād- in Indo-European roots + Latin -ficāre, -fy.]


adj (lit, fig)verzweigt; (more intricate) → verästelt
References in classic literature ?
His cousins and connections ramified like a labyrinth all over the governing class of Great Britain, and he seemed to be on good, or at least on good-humored, terms with most of them.
Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper said that as a result of the complex modernization and diversification of the industry infrastructure, using of the advanced equipment, ramified system of communication, television and radio communications, digital broadcasting operate in the country.
The Intershop Synaptic Commerce API allows users to integrate broadly ramified system landscapes.
He added that though Iraq's problems are very complicated and not easy to solve, yet Barazani's initiative is positive and came in a suitable time to resume dialogue and discuss a number of ramified problems that are the source of Iraq's political crisis.
The topics include preparing cobalt ferrite-silicon core shell nanoparticles doped with ferromagnetic manganese for possible biological application, thermal expansion in copper and nickel sulfides and their alloys, describing the drying of whole bananas with a diffusion model that uses a numerical solution through generalized coordinates, analyzing the substructure of high-manganese steels in the context of a dominant stress mechanism, the impact of selected structure parameters of reinforcing preforms for metal-matrix composites on their saturation process, investigating salt diffusion in soil by using radiotracing techniques, assessing the influence of the Hess-Murray Law on suspension flow through ramified structures, and sewage sludge flow and drying characteristics in paddle dryers.
In particular, Landini argues that Russell's Principia Mathematica (1910-13) "does not embrace a ramified type-hierarchy of entities.
The term "metaphysical poetry" could be used to define and portray Edith Covensky's variegated, ramified volumes of poetry.
With a subject that ramified into such motifs as the irrepressible longing to retrieve the numinous "spots of time" (as Wordsworth calls them) of one's childhood and youth, the reflections on how we know and what it is that (we think) we know notwithstanding the shortcomings of the language we have to rely on and the unintelligibility of the languages addressing us from the world around us, the loving reverence professed to the masters from whom one has learned what he values?
In the case of a citrus source, the ratio was 40, but only 15% of the rhamnose was in the linear form, and 85% was in the ramified fraction.
ferox DF 11 12,66 [+ or -] 0,57 1,05 DF 17 7,00 [+ or -] 0,50 0,58 DF 40 8,66 [+ or -] 0,57 0,72 Importance of the ramifications Datura stramonium DS 02 Ramified DS 07 Little ramified DS 18 Ramified DS 29 Little ramified D.
ZVONKINE, Counting ramified coverings and intersection theory on Hurwitz spaces II, arxiv:math.