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A jet engine that propels aircraft by igniting fuel mixed with air taken and compressed by the forward motion of the aircraft.


(ˈræmˌdʒɛt) or

ramjet engine

a. a type of jet engine in which fuel is burned in a duct using air compressed by the forward speed of the aircraft
b. an aircraft powered by such an engine



a jet engine operated by fuel injected into a stream of air compressed by the aircraft's forward speed.


A jet-propulsion engine containing neither compressor nor turbine which depends for its operation on the air compression accomplished by the forward motion of the engine. See also pulsejet.
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Noun1.ramjet - a simple type of jet engine; must be launched at high speed
jet engine - a gas turbine produces a stream of hot gas that propels a jet plane by reaction propulsion


[ˈræmdʒet] Nestatorreactor m

ramjet (engine)

nStaustrahltriebwerk nt, → Ramjet nt
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Navy took the first step to reintroducing to the an old-but-much-needed technology when it successfully tested a solid-fuel ramjet engine at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) in China Lake, California.
It will have a turbofan or turbojet engine as well as a ramjet engine that will allow the plane to horizontally takeoff from the runway and fly through the atmosphere.
The term SCRAMJET (Supersonic Combustion RAMJET) is coined after developing ramjet engines.
Built primarily for the US defence industry, the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory's (ABL) ramjet test facility in West Virginia is the first of its kind to offer features that more accurately replicate the flight conditions of missiles and projectiles powered by air-breathing propulsion systems.
Some tablet users are not replacing a tablet with a tablet, they are favoring hybrid or two-in-one devices, increasing its share of the ultra mobile premium market to 22 per cent in 2014, and 32 per cent by 2018," Gartner Research Director Ramjet Catwalk said.
But auspicious days like Janmashtami are equally popular," local surgeon, Ramjet Chakrabarty said.
The Kholod was one of the fastest machines ever built and the first ever scramjet, a type of ramjet airbreathing jet engine propelled by cryogenically cooled liquid hydrogen combusted in supersonic airflow to complete a successful test flight, back in 1991, CNet reported.
At the time, MacFarlane, known as Roger Ramjet because of his resemblance to the kids' cartoon character, was a principal procurator fiscal depute in Glasgow.
com)-- Author, Navy aviator and Vietnam Veteran Roger Blake announced today the release of RAMJET, My Secret Life with PTSD, published by Outskirts Press.
Hypersonic speeds are high supersonic, usually referring to Mach five and above, which can usually only be generated using advanced propulsion technology such as ramjet or scramjet engines.
The two-stage missile, the first one being solid and the second one ramjet liquid propellant, has already been inducted into the Army and Navy, and the Air Force version is in final stage of trial, added the report.
The fourth and final vehicle in question has already been built by airframe contractor Boeing and ramjet engine developer Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne.