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 (răm′zən, -sən)
n. often ramsons
A Eurasian plant (Allium ursinum) having edible leaves and bulbs with a pungent garliclike flavor. Also called wild garlic.

[Middle English ramsyn, from Old English hramsan, pl. of hramsa.]
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A meeting between squatters living on the disputed Sir Ramson Farm in Njukini, Taita Taveta, and county
The administrator said President Kenyatta donated 2,204 acres to settle the more than 1,000 squatters living in the Sir Ramson farm and that it should not be used to create conflict.
On March 26, 2011, the NIA filed a chargesheet against Shimray, TR Calvin, Hangshi Ramson Tangkhul and Naru.
But a court heard that Ramson was caught on CCTV ignoring the flashing red lights as he sped just inches below the barrier and zoomed over the rails.
For the first course I had fore rib and fillet of Shorthorn beef, ramson (wild garlic), sumac, garden herbs, onion and malt broth.
After three years at Whitman and Ramson and a brief stint at a boutique law firm, Zeitlin co-founded his own practice in 1992, specializing exclusively on construction law.
She then worked for Kelly Services in Worcester and served as Vice President of Ramson Health Care.
Los premios de literatura de Bellas Artes quedaron como sigue: Marcela Sanchez Mota, Premio Juan Rulfo para Primera Novela: Dante Medina, Premio de Novela Jose Ruben Romero; Jaime Romero Robledo, de Narrativa Colima para Obra Publicada; Armando Gutierrez Mendez, de Cuento San Luis Potosi; Mario Bojorquez, de Ensayo Literario Jose Revueltas; Roberto Ramson.
Then add onion or garlic, plus carrot, ramson (wild garlic), thyme, basil, peppercorns, one bay leaf, salt and half a bottle of Chardonnay.
The encounters between Sam and his counsellor, Andrea Marvin, are charged with sexual energy; similarly, Bliss' thoughts about, and meetings with, a novelist, Derek Hunter, and Andrea's session with Ramson are also intensely charged.
Buyers are getting a strong impression that Pomerantz is back," said Frank Ramson, executive vice president.
The places of Hopi myth and the landscape to which they relate are vital elements in Ramson Lomatewama's poems.