random number

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ran′dom num′ber

a number chosen by a random sampling, as from a table (ran′dom num′ber ta`ble) or generated by a computer.
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And if the adversary, the spy who is trying to read your messages or impersonate you, could guess what random number your computer was using, then it could know what key you're going to be using and it could impersonate your traffic and read your messages.
Creating good random numbers is a challenging problem.
Using the quantum properties of light, the aim is to develop a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) as an easy, cheap and unbreakable (military-grade) encryption solution.
Randomness extractors excavate the randomness from these weak sources, throwing away the predictable junk to create a truly random number.
Whitewood addresses random number generation and distribution.
Quality of numbers in terms of randomness by TRNG-based random number generation is dependent on the type of physical noise.
There are two major methods of random number generation, each with their own strengths and applications: Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNGs) and True Random Number Generators (TRNGs).
Whitewood's quantum random number generator device for encryption is planned to hit the market in Q2 2015.
It is almost impossible for a computer to generate a random number but using the space environment we can generate true random numbers from radiation," Sampson added.
The patient's starting age for treatment D1 is sampled using random number [RN.
We conducted the examination by a simple numerical simulation using a random number.
Since a text value is stored in cell A2, the condition in the function IF is not fulfilled and therefore a random number from the specified set is entered into cell B2.