random number generator

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Noun1.random number generator - a routine designed to yield a random number
subprogram, subroutine, procedure, routine, function - a set sequence of steps, part of larger computer program
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A computer-driven random number generator will select the winning numbers for each drawing.
Newcastle Crown Court heard Grant, 29, of Birch Road, Blaydon, had overridden the random number generator at the bingo hall in Sunderland on two occasions and read the numbers manually.
You deliberately overrode the random number generator and turned it to manual input to deliberately make winners of your two co-accused then took your share.
Additional random number generators built into the ECSL system include routines using random distribution, normal distribution, and arbitrary or empirical sample distribution tables.
UNDERWORLD fraudsters are using random number generators to tap into the bank accounts of Irish customers.
Multilevel Bisection: Here the random number generator should influence the coarsening phase, the low-level partition and the refinement phase.
One of the oldest and most commonly implemented random number generators is the linear congruential random number generator (LCG) or Lehmer generator as proposed by D.
The relatively frequent appearance of these extreme numbers casts doubt on the reliability of the random number generator.
This means that whether or not some element of the population is included in the sample is governed solely by having its number come up on the roll of a die, toss of a coin, or, more realistically, by being selected by a random number generator.
Monte Carlo Analysis is an extension of game theory that involves applying a random number generator to complete a large number of trials across the probability distribution for a finite number of outcomes.
2 now supports Intel Corp's Random Number Generator as featured in the 810 chipset, the first stage in the company's partnership with Intel announced earlier this year (CI No 3,648).
Last week, Intel announced that its new Pentium III processor will include a unique serial number and a random number generator, features which the chip maker said will make it safer for customers buying goods over the Internet.