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tr.v. ran·dom·ized, ran·dom·iz·ing, ran·dom·iz·es
To make random in arrangement, especially in order to control the variables in an experiment.

ran′dom·i·za′tion (-də-mĭ-zā′shən) n.
ran′dom·iz′er n.
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Noun1.randomization - a deliberately haphazard arrangement of observations so as to simulate chance
organisation, organization - the activity or result of distributing or disposing persons or things properly or methodically; "his organization of the work force was very efficient"
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In the study's primary endpoint of percent change in seizure frequency (per 28 days in the randomization phase relative to the pre-randomization phase), the percent change in the placebo group was -10.
The company said most Phase II and Phase III trials require subject randomization and related medication-supplies management, adding that IRT is the predominant solution for automating these processes.
The trials showed that randomization to either drug, in addition to a calorie-restricted diet and increased exercise, was associated with more weight loss than patients' randomization to placebos (3 percent more weight loss with lorcaserin; 7 percent more with phentermine/topiramate).
A new epidemiologic statistical approach known as Mendelian randomization is thought to avert both confounding and reverse causation by pinpointing the genetic variants that are linked to a high BMI (which are a constant throughout the lifespan) but that are not related to confounding factors, then determining whether they are also linked to gallstone disease.
After giving informed consent, subjects were assigned to receive either propranolol or placebo according to a computer generated randomization list.
Cenduit LLC, a leading global provider of patient randomization and clinical supplies management services, has announced the expansion of its Durham, N.
of Coimbra, Portugal) presents a guide to randomization in experimental design, "the devices required for an unbiased and efficient estimation of treatment causal effects.
These multiple layers of randomization help to prevent vocabulary quiz content from becoming predictable or familiar, challenging the user to remain mindful at all times.
Empowering Clients with Control of Randomization and Inventory in the Cloud
First, I look at the conditions of the "as-if" randomization and analyse whether they are satisfied in five recent works from
According to the researchers, patients often have difficulty understanding what randomization is and why it is needed, so the study looked at the effects of metaphors to explain randomization.
Randomization means that some participants will receive the new therapy or treatment, while others will begin the current standard of care.