Range of accommodation

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(Optics) the distance between the near point and the far point of distinct vision, - usually measured and designated by the strength of the lens which if added to the refracting media of the eye would cause the rays from the near point to appear as if they came from the far point.

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The quality and range of accommodation on offer was praised, with almost half of those surveyed rating it highly.
The study will look at options to regenerate the site and recommend on a range of accommodation which will address gaps in the market supported by a range of marketing, infrastructure and environmental improvements.
Destination Red Sea (tel: 0181 440 9900) has a range of accommodation.
The availability of such a new and expanding group through our representation service will be of enormous mutual benefit and will significantly enhance the quantity, style and range of accommodation that we can offer across Australia.
There's a range of accommodation options to suit every budget including self-catering and half-board - so take up this EXCLUSIVE offer now
Tenants have a broad range of accommodation to choose from.
Eight Brindleyplace has been developed to make life easy for companies and their staff with an extensive range of accommodation and services on a single site.
Boulding added, "Jurys Doyle Hotel Group's extensive portfolio in Ireland, the UK and United States enhances the quality, style and range of accommodation that we can offer our travel agency customers.
Choose from self-catering and half-board options plus there is range of accommodation to suit every budget.
Plus National Express offer a range of accommodation from budget to three star hotels.
Dublin Tourism also operates six Tourist Information and Reservations Centres, where would-be travellers can book a range of accommodation, from youth hostels to five-star hotels.
It has a wide range of accommodation from the luxury Grand Hotel Sitea (www.