Range of accommodation

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(Optics) the distance between the near point and the far point of distinct vision, - usually measured and designated by the strength of the lens which if added to the refracting media of the eye would cause the rays from the near point to appear as if they came from the far point.

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Guests can select from a range of accommodation, but need deep pockets: prices start from e1/411,900 per person
These projects include a range of accommodation options designed to help people who use wheelchairs and other equipment to live as independently as possible.
EasyJet holidays offer a range of accommodation options on the island, from self-catering apartments to all-inclusive hotels.
WAKE up to your own Cornish beach with Pentewan Sands Holiday Park Located 'on the beach',' Pentewan Sands offers a range of accommodation options and excellent onsite facilities, including two swimming pools and a watersports centre.
Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) revealed plans in December 2013 to offer holiday homes licenses in order to broaden the range of accommodation options for visitors.
We now offer a range of accommodation, including vintagestyle caravans an old mission and a scout hall.
A leading hospitality company in South Africa's Eastern Cape, the group is known for its range of accommodation in sought-after destinations.
With its iconic architecture, shopping to rival that of New York and London, high-adrenaline adventure in the surrounding desert, an excellent range of accommodation and courteous hospitality at competitive prices, this ever-growing emirate will never fail to impress and inspire.
In addition to the stated need to develop more hotels, broadening the range of accommodation offerings is one of the focuses needed in order to attract a wider market of visitors, he added.
Nerja is part of the Costa del Sol, which was RentIn's first holidays and rentals business destination that proposed a wide range of accommodation for vacations in this great town.
8226; Valuable information on a range of accommodation, entertainment, wine and food from across the region
However the clever design is flexible enough to convert back into one and two-bedroom hotel apartments, during the holiday periods, allowing the property to offer an adaptable range of accommodation options, whilst maximising its room revenue yield, all year around.