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rap 1

v. rapped, rap·ping, raps
1. To hit sharply and swiftly; strike: rapped the table with his fist.
2. To utter sharply: rap out a complaint.
3. To criticize or blame.
To strike a quick light blow: rapped on the door.
1. A quick light blow or knock.
2. A knocking or tapping sound.
3. Slang
a. A reprimand.
b. A sentence to serve time in prison.
4. Slang A negative quality or characteristic associated with a person or an object.
beat the rap Slang
To escape punishment or be acquitted of a charge.
take the rap Slang
To accept punishment or take the blame for an offense or error.

[Middle English rappen, possibly of imitative origin.]

rap 2

n. Informal
The least bit: I don't give a rap about office politics. I don't care a rap what you do.

[From obsolete rap, 18th-century Irish counterfeit halfpenny, from Irish Gaelic, alteration (possibly influenced by rap, piece, bit) of ropaire, cutthroat; see rapparee.]

rap 3

1. Slang A talk, conversation, or discussion.
a. A form of popular music developed especially in African-American urban communities and characterized by spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics with a strong rhythmic accompaniment.
b. A composition or performance of such music.
v. rapped, rap·ping, raps
1. Slang To discuss something freely and at length.
2. To perform rap music.
To perform as rap music: lyrics that were rapped; rapped the chorus of the song.

[Possibly from rap.]


[ˈræpɪŋ] N
1. (= knocking) → golpecitos mpl, golpes mpl secos; (at door) → llamadas fpl, aldabadas fpl
2. (Mus) → rap m


Klopfen nt
(Mus) → Rappen nt
References in classic literature ?
These rapping spirits, that little Phoebe told us of, the other day," said Clifford,--"what are these but the messengers of the spiritual world, knocking at the door of substance?
nor is this any very easy matter; for in his rear is the immense projecting steering oar hitting him now and then in the small of his back, the after-oar reciprocating by rapping his knees in front.
Even the Cock-lane ghost had been laid only a round dozen of years, after rapping out its messages, as the spirits of this very year last past(supernaturally deficient in originality) rapped out theirs.
As you please," said Dunstan, rapping the window-seat again with an air of great unconcern.
The method I contrived was this: I prepared two round sticks, about the bigness of common cudgels; they were thicker at one end than the other, and I covered the thicker ends with pieces of a mouse's skin, that by rapping on them I might neither damage the tops of the keys nor interrupt the sound.
And just then the cab suddenly stopped, and there was his persecutor rapping on the front glass.
The executioner may kill, without being on that account an assassin," said the man in the red cloak, rapping upon his immense sword.
The day after this important information had been given to the king's attorney, a man alighted from a carriage at the corner of the Rue Ferou, and rapping at an olive-green door, asked if the Abbe Busoni were within.
Bartle had become so excited and angry in the course of his invective that he had forgotten his supper, and only used the knife for the purpose of rapping the table with the haft.
It sounds like a loud rapping at the door"--(replied my Mother.
Turning up the collar of his sack over his ears, he emerged from the house, and had barely reached the street-gate, when he was recalled by the screams of Violet and Peony, and the rapping of a thimbled finger against the parlor window.