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Noun1.rat terrier - any of several breeds of terrier developed to catch ratsrat terrier - any of several breeds of terrier developed to catch rats
terrier - any of several usually small short-bodied breeds originally trained to hunt animals living underground
black-and-tan terrier, Manchester terrier - a breed of short-haired rat terrier with a black-and-tan coat that was developed in Manchester, England
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I was shown the little black and white rat terrier, which I picked up and carried home with me.
She originally landed at a rat terrier rescue where her foster home would always sing "Ella, Ella" to her, and that still today makes Noella all happy.
The Russell terrier jumped 14 spots (104th to 90th), the rat terrier rose five spots (101st to 96th), the Parson Russell terrier rose two spots (111th to 109th) and the Dandie Dinmont terrier improved five spots (172nd to 167th).
Primarily used as squirrel dogs, the breed stemmed from crossing the rat terrier family for its tenacity with the blue tick for its nose.
The American hairless terrier, which derives from the rat terrier breed, was developed in the U.
Breeds included chihuahuas, a papillon, a rat terrier, a bassett hound, Yorkie Poodle and a pomeranian.
Laurie Anderson a orchestre le concert pour accompagner son dernier film, [beaucoup moins que] Heart of a Dog [beaucoup plus grand que] ([beaucoup moins que] Cœur de chien [beaucoup plus grand que]), qui raconte l'histoire du rat terrier qu'elle a adopte avec son mari decede en 2013, la legende du rock Lou Reed, pour en tirer une reflexion sur la mort et la memoire.
Our story shows the gullibility of our late lamented wirehaired pointing griffon, Tsar and the craftiness of one of his housemates, a little rat terrier named Drucilla (Dru).
While this alternately goofy, serious, lyrical and beguiling cine-essay serves primarily as a loving tribute to the memory of Anderson's rat terrier, Lolabelle, its roving, free-associative structure brings together all manner of richly eccentric musings on the evasions of memory, the limitations of language and storytelling, the strangeness of life in a post-9/11 surveillance state, and the difficulty and necessity of coming to terms with death.
Animal Control Officer Michelle Lafleche said the surviving dog was a German shepherd mix, and the deceased dog was a rat terrier.
Fox News reported in early July that Pierce had been given bad news while visiting the veterinarian that her dog, a rat terrier named Wally, had become paralyzed and lost the use of his back legs.
About two years back, Gregory Berns, a professor of neuroeconomics, taught his dog, Callie, a shelter-rescued rat terrier, to walk into a (MRI) machine and sit there without moving, until scientists got thousands of images of her brain in order to map it, Stuff.