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We've got to see their provocative behavior ratcheted down immediately," Spicer said.
As part of his ongoing interest in reviving the board game sector, Peter Jones bid PS45,000 in return for 40% of the Fraser-Bell's business, to be ratcheted down to 25% when paid back, which the Accentuate team are on target to do in early 2017.
Agribusiness lender CoBank has released research suggesting the supply glut that plagued US beef, pork and poultry markets last year and ratcheted down margins is expected to ease in 2016, with indicators pointing to animal protein supplies transitioning toward a better balance in the marketplace, and protein stocks more in line with overall levels of demand, the company said.
And while most of Europe is still in a swoon, alternative energy is a big part of the infrastructure boom in Germany and Japan, where nuclear power is being ratcheted down.
These price caps will be ratcheted down by almost another third by 2014.
Current assumed returns may prove to be optimistic and will likely warrant a discussion of whether these assumptions will need to be ratcheted down," says the report, written by Fitch's Mark Oline, John Culver and James Rizzo.
But Ma has ratcheted down cross-strait tensions by emphasizing economic and logistical links with China over championing the island's sovereignty.
As Americans started racking up the debt, we ratcheted down on our savings, so far down that in the mid-2000s, the personal savings rate slipped into negative territory.
economy and said he had assured them that budget deficits will be ratcheted down as soon as possible.