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A loosely woven fabric with a rough nubby texture.

[French, past participle of ratiner, to adorn, from ratine, ratteen; see ratteen.]


(ræˈtiːn) ,






(Textiles) a coarse loosely woven cloth
[C17: from French, from ratine, of obscure origin]
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22) Narrative Comments Star Ratine Design Quantitatively Quantitatively Dominant Dominated Total Hospital Hospital p eneral information 3.
RATINE A Rough dress fabric B Untrustworthy C Reasonable who am I?
Pagrindine sodybos kompozicijos aUis eina beveik lygiagreciai su Ualia tekancia Juostos upe ir jungia svarbiausius reprezentacines dalies statinius: prieUais erdvu parteri pastatytus rumus, parterio Uonuose--oficina bei ratine ir toliau, abipus medPiais apsodintos alejos pradPios stovincius, aUtuoniakampius svirnus.
She ground her way through the thick cover and up the ratine wall, bird in mouth.
04 Table 5 The Impact of Reinsurer Ratine Downgrades on Primary Insurer Rating Downgrades, 2003-2009 Expected (1) No (2) Main Variables Sign Interaction Model RDownRec_UN +/- -0.
system) no HVl ratine bathrooms ("recovery") (exhaust) and second floor hallway (supply) Lighting All compact - fluorescein and LED liuhtini; Appliances All Energy Star - (refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine) Renewable 5.