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Noun1.ration card - a card certifying the bearer's right to purchase rationed goodsration card - a card certifying the bearer's right to purchase rationed goods
identity card, card - a card certifying the identity of the bearer; "he had to show his card to get in"
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According to the new system, 150 loaves of bread are allocated to every citizen per month, which are registered on his ration card.
BAGHDAD / Nina / Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed on Thursday with the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi in the presence of MP Hamid al-Mutlaq the developments in security and military operations by the armed forces on the IS terrorist gangs western Anbar governorate as well as the conditions of service and delivery of the ration card items to it.
KUWAIT, Jan 18 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Commerce and Industry dismissed as baseless the circulated reports about a surge in the price of ration card commodities.
Thousands of IDPs reach the Sports Complex in Bannu to receive the daily supplies but they remain empty handed as they had not been provided with the ration card that could entitle them to receive the provisions.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Trade Ministry announced today its adoption of London sugar prices in its international contracts for the food ration card.
Speaking on the allotment of ration cards, Sheila Dikshit said that ration card would be issued to the senior most women of the household on basis of dhar card in order to avoid any confusion.
According to an article in The Hindu, the plan is to integrate the public health records with the country's ration card, which would help them from a public health standpoint; it also would help them identify those who had completed their immunization cycles and various screenings.
The meeting also viewed the opinion of the Legal Committee on the topics of recruiting the non-Omani manpower and the message of the Economic Committee on the proposal in respect to electricity and water tariff, as well as the message of the Services and Local Communities Development Committee on the proposal in respect to the topic of the ration card.
JEDDAH: The government is making arrangements to implement a ration card system that includes all government-subsidized basic goods.
At that time, even with a ration card one could only take delivery of petrol in the vehicle's fuel tank.
The rations consist of items sold for a small sum of money at retail outlets on production of a ration card.
The ration card, which provides 10 days' worth of food per month at dirt-cheap prices, will be "eliminated in an orderly fashion" as part of the campaign to cut back massive government subsidies.