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Once Philip asked him a question, which he had heard his uncle put when the conversation at the vicarage had fallen upon some mildly rationalistic work which was then exciting discussion in the newspapers.
By failure, as we think, of that historic sense, of [34] which he could speak so well, he got no further in this direction than the glacial condition of rationalistic Geneva.
In literature, both prose and verse, the rationalistic and practical spirit showed itself in the enthroning above everything else of the principles of utility and common sense in substance and straightforward directness in style.
There is a green fringe of palm and prickly pear round the black mouth of the well; but nothing of the upper masonry remains except two bulky and battered stones standing like the pillars of a gateway of nowhere, in which some of the more transcendental archaeologists, in certain moods at moonrise or sunset, think they can trace the faint lines of figures or features of more than Babylonian monstrosity; while the more rationalistic archaeologists, in the more rational hours of daylight, see nothing but two shapeless rocks.
In Kant's rationalistic days, presented in the early chapters of the book, we see God creating the best possible world, human beings realizing a compatibilist-style freedom, and the highest good resulting as an eventual consequence of God's moral rule.
In his chapters on Greek and Roman agriculture, McGregor dismisses "elite" writers including Aristotle because they were rationalistic, not involved in practical agricultural work, and thus ignorant of the practices of husbandry shared by farmers throughout the Mediterranean.
His topics are a Hebrew philosopher in medieval Provence, (Jewish) philosophy as a way of life: Kaspi's intellectual project, Kaspi as an interpreter of Maimonides and Maimonidean interpreter, the Republic in Hebrew: Kaspi and Platonic political thought, and rationalistic messianism and the vicissitudes of history.
Still, the major theoretical and analytical strength of the book derived from its rationalistic methodology that utilizes a cost-benefit approach to public policy decision-making also, counterintuitively, represents its weakness.
Contrary to a neoliberal social model that privileges adversarial criminal justice and a rationalistic approach to war making, the author identifies transformative political justice and a reimagined social order as key features of Nelson Mandela's legacy.
The result is a hard, coldly rationalistic world of amoral business and politics.
Arguments over rights seem to only confuse matters as they narrow the arguments to rationalistic (and rationalizing) logic devoid of real-world consequences.
Here already we see his rejection of rigid, rationalistic rules that treat individual common soldiers as machine parts.