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Verb1.rationalize away - substitute a natural for a supernatural explanation of; "you can rationalize away all the strange noises you hear--there is no poltergeist in the house!"
reason - think logically; "The children must learn to reason"
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This in fact might confront you more than the idea of hiring the best and brightest, which you could rationalize away on the basis of cost versus return alone.
Fear of rejection - which most of us learn to rationalize away or live with - was the principal motivator in Adams's life.
Turncoat public officials (those who have turned away from the truth) are able to somehow rationalize away their false statements just as turncoat "moles" are able to rationalize their espionage.
The researchers interpret that to mean that people who feel trapped in their country are more likely to try to justify the country's system and rationalize away its dissatisfactory elements.
It is not an easy or an admirable thing to rationalize away common sense.
It goes back to early childhood conditioning when a growing child is often told this because of other people's envy or desire to rationalize away their own financial failures.
Interestingly, it wasn't just doctors who tended to make this excuse for not speaking up--administrators, nurse managers, and just about everyone found a way to rationalize away their responsibility to speak up.
He illustrates with an interviewee's account of meritless suits brought by a firm for little or no purpose other than to generate substantial fees, in response to which jaded defense counsel simply rationalize away concerns over the process (105-6).