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also rat·tail (răt′tāl′)
1. See grenadier.
2. A long, thin length of hair that hangs down the nape of the neck, usually when the rest of the hair is cut short.
adj. also rat-tailed (-tāld′) or rat·tailed (-tāld′)
Shaped like or having a part shaped like a rat's tail: a rat-tail file; a rattail comb.
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Noun1.rattail - deep-sea fish with a large head and body and long tapering tail
gadoid, gadoid fish - a soft-finned fish of the family Gadidae
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Wonder" -- A complex, funny cry-fest that looks at the burdens of being a 10-year-old boy named Auggie (Jacob Tremblay), small and scarred, with a high-pitched, scratchy voice and a braided rattail, as he attempts to enter public school for the first time.
We end up going to the cosmetics department and buying a rattail comb with an attached brush, like a weird hybrid of a comb and a paintbrush.
We saw a couple of creepy-looking mountain dudes scratching at their skin and another who was wearing a rattail.
Yes, there were several specimens I had never heard of before, such as the rattail, the hatchetfish and the double-toothed barbet to name but a few
Purification and characterization of two pepsins from the stomach of pectoral rattail (Coryphaenoides pectoralis).
Flint still thought of Chuck as the feral little white trash kid of their youth--always barefoot, shiftless, rattail bouncing as he ran away from adult supervision.
Rene (Gael Garcia Bernal) is a young hotshot with a then-fashionable rattail and a soothing boardroom manner, and at each meeting, speaking a lingo of practiced buzzwords, he trots out a near-identical spiel: "What you are about to see is in line with the current social context.
Do you dare read that list and not order, at least some Yard Long Red Noodle Beans or a package of Rattail Radish seed?
When you're done, use a rattail comb to create a deep part, and give your mane the once-over with some shine serum.
Some gardeners use companion planting to deter all manner of garden pests, such as planting hedges of marigolds to deter rabbits or using rattail radishes to confuse squash vine borers.
Remember rattail hairdos and puffy cotton workout pants covered with crazy nausea-inducing patterns?
Cut a 2-1/2" piece off the handle of the rattail comb.