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 (rôn′chē, rän′-)
adj. raun·chi·er, raun·chi·est Slang
1. Obscene, lewd, or vulgar: a raunchy joke.
2. Grimy; unkempt: a raunchy closet full of dirty socks.
3. Uninhibited. Used of sex.

[Origin unknown.]

raun′chi·ly adv.
raun′chi·ness n.
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Liane Carroll has to be the most flexible singer in the business, capable of such sensitive delicacy one minute and such gutsy raunchiness the next.
LADY Chatterley's Lover reaching Debenhams catalogue levels of raunchiness.
As there is every year, outrageously over-the-top comedies are fed to cinema-goers by the bucketful, each trying to out-do the rest in raunchiness.
As the March 18 editorial said, there's a difference between overtones of sexuality and full-out raunchiness.
The raunchiness was more than I had remembered in noir novels, much of the main story falling more into the category of erotica.
What blew our minds in 1975, the candor, the raunchiness, the political incorrectness, can never resonate with today's audience.
Private School would indeed be "presenting a healthy dose of erotic, titillating sex, but tempering its hard-edge, raunchiness by [sic] the playful comedy or the hint of a relationship" (qtd in Grant).
Fans will adore the raunchiness, though it is always balanced with smart jokes, great physical comedy and genuine warmth for the lads on the cusp of manhood.
According to the reports, famous journalist Ronan Farrow interviewed the "Wrecking Ball" singer for the magazine wherein she shed some light on her raunchiness, love for weed and how she enjoys being naked.
Much of his sculpture is infused with a certain raunchiness, as the artist plays with the sensual pleasures of commingling textures.
I'm safe right now in that the only bit of raunchiness I have to worry about my daughter seeing is Daisy Duck's high heels and skirt combo on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
With humor and raunchiness Back n the Daze is a work of fiction that takes readers on a journey of innocent times, which at times were not so innocent.