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ra·ven 1

1. A large bird (Corvus corax) of the Northern Hemisphere, having black plumage and a croaking cry.
2. Any of several similar birds of the genus Corvus, found in Africa, Australia, and southwestern North America.
Black and shiny: raven tresses.

[Middle English, from Old English hræfn.]

rav·en 2

v. rav·ened, rav·en·ing, rav·ens
1. To consume greedily; devour.
2. To seek or seize as prey or plunder.
1. To seek or seize prey or plunder.
2. To eat ravenously.
Variant of ravin.

[From Middle English ravin, raven, rapine, plunder, prey; see ravin.]

rav′en·er n.


1. (Animals) a large passerine bird, Corvus corax, having a large straight bill, long wedge-shaped tail, and black plumage: family Corvidae (crows). It has a hoarse croaking cry
2. (Colours)
a. a shiny black colour
b. (as adjective): raven hair.
[Old English hrǣfn; related to Old High German hraban, Old Norse hrafn]


1. to seize or seek (plunder, prey, etc)
2. to eat (something) voraciously or greedily; be ravenous in eating
[C15: from Old French raviner to attack impetuously; see ravenous]
ˈravener n


(Non-European Myth & Legend) a traditional trickster hero among the native peoples of the Canadian Pacific Northwest
[from raven1]


(ˈreɪ vən)

1. any of several very large corvine birds having lustrous black plumage and a loud, harsh call, esp. Corvus corax, of North America and Eurasia.
2. lustrous black: raven hair.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English hrǣfn, c. Old High German (h)raban, Old Norse hrafn]
ra′ven•like`, adj.


(ˈræv ən)

1. to plunder.
2. to prowl for food.
3. to eat or feed greedily.
4. to pillage: armies ravening the land.
5. to devour greedily.
[1485–95; earlier ravine < Middle French raviner, v. derivative of ravine ravin]


Past participle: ravened
Gerund: ravening

I raven
you raven
he/she/it ravens
we raven
you raven
they raven
I ravened
you ravened
he/she/it ravened
we ravened
you ravened
they ravened
Present Continuous
I am ravening
you are ravening
he/she/it is ravening
we are ravening
you are ravening
they are ravening
Present Perfect
I have ravened
you have ravened
he/she/it has ravened
we have ravened
you have ravened
they have ravened
Past Continuous
I was ravening
you were ravening
he/she/it was ravening
we were ravening
you were ravening
they were ravening
Past Perfect
I had ravened
you had ravened
he/she/it had ravened
we had ravened
you had ravened
they had ravened
I will raven
you will raven
he/she/it will raven
we will raven
you will raven
they will raven
Future Perfect
I will have ravened
you will have ravened
he/she/it will have ravened
we will have ravened
you will have ravened
they will have ravened
Future Continuous
I will be ravening
you will be ravening
he/she/it will be ravening
we will be ravening
you will be ravening
they will be ravening
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been ravening
you have been ravening
he/she/it has been ravening
we have been ravening
you have been ravening
they have been ravening
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been ravening
you will have been ravening
he/she/it will have been ravening
we will have been ravening
you will have been ravening
they will have been ravening
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been ravening
you had been ravening
he/she/it had been ravening
we had been ravening
you had been ravening
they had been ravening
I would raven
you would raven
he/she/it would raven
we would raven
you would raven
they would raven
Past Conditional
I would have ravened
you would have ravened
he/she/it would have ravened
we would have ravened
you would have ravened
they would have ravened
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.raven - large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tailraven - large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail
corvine bird - birds of the crow family
genus Corvus, Corvus - type genus of the Corvidae: crows and ravens
Verb1.raven - obtain or seize by violence
seize - take or capture by force; "The terrorists seized the politicians"; "The rebels threaten to seize civilian hostages"
2.raven - prey on or hunt for; "These mammals predate certain eggs"
forage - wander and feed; "The animals forage in the woods"
3.raven - eat greedily; "he devoured three sandwiches"
eat - take in solid food; "She was eating a banana"; "What did you eat for dinner last night?"
4.raven - feed greedily; "The lions ravened the bodies"
eat, feed - take in food; used of animals only; "This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat"; "What do whales eat?"


adjective black, ebony, jet-black, coal-black a striking woman with long raven hair
Related words
adjective corvine
collective noun unkindness
see shades from black to white
con quạ


A. Ncuervo m
B. ADJ [hair] → negro


[ˈreɪvən] n (= bird) → corbeau m


nRabe m; raven-blackrabenschwarz


[ˈreɪvn] ncorvo (imperiale)


(ˈreivən) noun
a large black bird of the crow family.


غُرابٌ أَسْوَد havran ravn Rabe κοράκι cuervo korppi corbeau gavran corvo カラス 큰까마귀 raaf ravn kruk corvo ворон korp นกขนาดใหญ่จำพวกกา kuzgun con quạ 大乌鸦
References in classic literature ?
Laurie opened the window, and croaked out as hoarsely as a raven.
The tresses of this lady were shining and black, like the plumage of the raven.
Some mention was made also of the woman in white, that haunted the dark glen at Raven Rock, and was often heard to shriek on winter nights before a storm, having perished there in the snow.
They wished that she would be still; her voice sounded like the croaking of some dismal raven.
Why, she untied the raven and confiscated him by force and fetched him home, and left the doughnuts and things on the ground.
When I had stood ten minutes, thinking and imagining, and getting my spirit in tune with the place, and in the right mood to enjoy the supernatural, a raven suddenly uttered a horse croak over my head.
Fairfax of Blanche Ingram; remember the raven ringlets, the oriental eye;--What
If I had a raven or a fox cub I could play with it," said Mary.
Before such calm external beauty the presence of a vague fear is more distinctly felt--like a raven flapping its slow wing across the sunny air.
Amongst the ruins of the church The midnight raven found a perch, A melancholy place; The ruthless Conqueror cast down, Woe worth the deed, that little town, To lengthen out his chase.
The Hatter opened his eyes very wide on hearing this; but all he SAID was, `Why is a raven like a writing-desk?
Well,' answered the first raven, 'my eyes are in no want of this healing bath, for, Heaven be praised, they are as good as ever they were; but my wing has been very feeble and weak ever since it was shot by an arrow many years ago, so let us fly at once to the lake that I may be restored to health and strength again.