raw beauty

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Noun1.raw beauty - beauty that is stark and powerfully impressive
beauty - the qualities that give pleasure to the senses
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The names of each lifestyle collection are self-explanatory: Refined Traditions, Coastal Luxe, Raw Beauty, and Rugged Industrial.
Ever since moving to Oklahoma for college, I have been entranced by the raw beauty of this state, Dobson said.
Critique: Author Susie Finkbeiner's deftly crafted portrayal of both tragedy and everyday life in times of great change is charged with a raw beauty that make "A Song of Home" one of those novels that will linger in the mind and memory of the reader long after the book is finished and set back upon the shelf.
Fired by a spirit of adventure, Fahad Hyder a young Indian freelance photographer wanted to capture the raw beauty of this land in his camera by taking a difficult yet thrilling journey by foot.
Unlike camel beauty competitions in Pakistan and other parts of the world, here in the Gulf, it's all about raw beauty and pure breed.
We're focusing on raw beauty - tactility, texture and fresh white forms, which bring purity to a home - think weaves, cane work and wood grain with layered, natural finishes.
Mongolia, famed for its raw beauty and wilderness, for grand sand dunes and vast steppes, also has an extreme climate, with winter temperatures of -40C and summers that often exceed 45C.
The vibrant colours, the raw beauty, the intense smells of spices and the forever smiling people made me want to go back again and again.
She develops the atmospheric content of her paintings through location photography, research of weather and cloud consequences, imagined places and her experience living in an area of such raw beauty.
Every chance to rest and hydrate allowed us to appreciate the natural surroundings and the raw beauty of the Philippines.
American textile producer Maharam has a knack for raw beauty, and the evidence is in the 114-year-old brand's latest project: a foray into leather.
On the evening of Monday, June 27 the rocky, wooded area surrounding Santa Fe Lake was filled with emotion and raw beauty.