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Noun1.raw data - unanalyzed data; data not yet subjected to analysis
data, information - a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn; "statistical data"
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Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) had finally released the 47-page long raw data by Inmarsat through which search officials used to track the path of the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370.
According to CNN, with family members and scientists demanding more details about why searchers are combing the southern Indian Ocean for the missing Boeing 777, Malaysia's top transportation official has said that the country doesn't have the raw data from the satellite's communication with the plane as it flew thousands of miles off course.
Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday he had seen raw data suggesting Syrian government forces had used chlorine gas in the country's civil war, but added it had not been verified, Reuters reported.
Raw data transitions to a view with all known sources removed, revealing a gamma-ray excess hinting at the presence of dark matter.
The systematic collection and recording of raw data available to the players in their systems and are necessary to produce the raw data collected by the ECB through questionnaires to produce indicators RTDI.
President Dr Tony Salmon said: "We are concerned some raw data has entered the public domain before hospitals had an opportunity to assess or ratify the information.
2013) about whether the public disclosure of all raw data used by the U.
Reacting to toxicity of Bt brinjal in animal studies pointed out in a review of raw data, the company said " these issues were raised earlier also and have been addressed by expert scientific groups, committees and individuals".
By inspecting raw data readers can ascertain how complete the data set is and identify anomalies in the data such as outliers.
com analyzes raw data provided by sources such as credit bureaus, fraud databases, landlord/tenant court records, criminal courthouses, sex offender registries and terrorist watch-lists, and presents a single report tailored to the needs of each landlord.
Bluehill 2's next-generation software features Versa Channel for data acquisition from up to 16 additional input channels, a raw data viewer, API (advanced programming interface), user defined raw data and results export, and test file export for use in databases, including Microsoft Access.
The challenge with raw data, no matter how accessible, is that data still requires a lot of work before it can be turned into knowledge.