raw talent

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Noun1.raw talent - powerfully impressive talent
endowment, natural endowment, talent, gift - natural abilities or qualities
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I'd do a show that was focused on finding underground raw talent.
I wish I was better at it but I just had enough raw talent.
Young said: "I've been in Oman for more than a year now and have been struck by the raw talent and entrepreneurial spirit among young Omanis.
I've known Darren for a long time, going back to watching him during his time at Pontypridd and then at the Dragons, and he is a sheer raw talent," explained London Welsh head coach Justin Burnell.
Paul Askew added, "I am looking for raw talent that are enthusiastic, eager to learn with an excellent attitude to be part of my new restaurant team and play a key role in its success.
Professional coach Stephanie Cartwright-Randle says the competition is targeted at nding raw talent in young players who might have only played badminton in the back garden before.
com)-- Aveda Institute San Antonio is hosting its 6th Bi-annual Raw Talent Scholarship Contest January 11, 2014.
The contest unearths raw talent and gives them a chance to shine at a grand final in London's O2.
Oxlade-Chamberlain has certainly come a long way in a short time since being signed from Southampton two years ago as a raw talent by Arsene Wenger.
But we believe he has got the raw talent to make an impact here.
The friendly tournament is a good opportunity for the players to polish their raw talent and gain much-needed experience.
At this low-key solo acoustic gig Gillespie was charming and showed off her outstanding raw talent.