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n. Slang
1. Excited action or impressive display: "away from the razzmatazz of college and frat parties" (Betsey Carter).
2. Evasive or misleading language; double talk: "prodded his recruits with pep talks and office contests to sell stocks with razzmatazz" (Ron Chernow).

[Perhaps alteration of razzle-dazzle.]


(ˈræzməˈtæz) or




another name for razzle-dazzle


(ˈræz əl)

1. showy or virtuosic technique or effect.
2. confusion, commotion, or riotous gaiety.
3. marked by razzle-dazzle.
[1890–95; rhyming compound based on dazzle]
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Noun1.razzmatazz - any exciting and complex play intended to confuse (dazzle) the opponent
play - a preset plan of action in team sports; "the coach drew up the plays for her team"


[ˌræzməˈtæz] Nbombo m publicitario


[ˌræzməˈtæz] razzamatazz (mainly British) ntralala m


[ˈræzməˈtæz] n (fam) → clamore m
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NASDAQ: SNAK) continues to build upon its successful Jamba At-Home line of smoothie kits with the introduction of USDA certified-organic varieties of its top-selling Strawberries Wild and Razzmatazz flavors.
Beyond the smile and humour, the flying carpets and razzmatazz, I wanted to knock someone out cold when I was bo ing " he said "If or ffled those boxing," he said.
Amid royal razzmatazz, religious pomp and military panoply, King Richard III was buried in Leicester Cathedral yesterday, 530 years after he died in the Battle of Bosworth.
Available now for long as stocks last, a home pampering session could be just the pick-me-up after all the razzmatazz of the party season.
Coun Bob Beauchamp said: "Selling cars is a razzmatazz, sevenday-a-week business.
Thirty three years ago, the albums chart record breaker was here in the North East, giving an interview at Tyne Tees TV for the children's music show Razzmatazz.
But two veterans of the big screen were not to be outdone, with American actress Sharon Stone, 56, and Italian legend Sophia Loren, 79, looking wonderful as they enjoyed some of the Film Festival razzmatazz.
Rugby ace Jonny Wilkinson doesn't like the razzmatazz that goes with his celebrity status.
Wales celebrate winning the 2012 Grand Slam, by Huw Evans Picture Agency "We cover a lot of rugby so we've all seen this picture but this is taken from a different angle to show all the razzmatazz in the background and the photographers and camera crews lining up.
Preston against Middlesbrough in the early 70s might not have had the razzmatazz of a Super Bowl, but it was a big day for the Charlton family with Sir Bobby and big Jack in opposing dugouts.
Beneath all the razzmatazz is the stark reality that when the show is over, and the flame extinguished, many of these athletes and members of the audience will become the victims of savage Government cuts.
For the past couple of years the Dilmun Club's annual 'he's behind you' razzmatazz has been culled mainly because of fears of teargas floating over the audience by the pool but the brave boys and girls at the British Club have plans to stage their own this December.