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address, direct - put an address on (an envelope)
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With this last book on Vatican I, Quinn left us an invitation to re-address ecclesiological issues and their practical consequences with a deep sense of the tradition, which is increasingly in danger of being identified with traditionalism.
The need to re-address this issue became more imperative when the Goldwater Institute and Angels Trumpet Ale House brought a lawsuit early last spring against a 19-story apartment complex called The Derby Roosevelt Row and the City of Phoenix in utilizing GPLET.
Within a couple of months Blues felt they had to re-address their players' basic fitness.
On the surface, it may appear that Greece and Turkey harbour vertically opposing views on highly volatile issues such as the definition of respective Economic Exclusion Zones (EEZ) in the Aegean sea , which incidentally, they agreed during Erdogan's visit to re-address by starting fresh exploratory talks.
Re-address the midfield balance YOU can see why in most cases Warnock prefers a midfield three.
However, Belarusian contemporary history does have some precedent of the public mobilizing to re-address historical misinterpretations.
The changes mean that farmers will now need to re-address their business and land before applying for the BPS funding for 2018.
Overburdening the balance sheet to show size is often the cause of banks having to restructure and re-address their loan books.
I almost made the mistake of outing over fifty friends - maybe ten years ago -- before catching myself to re-address an email invitation, blind copy, for a Fresh Fruit Festival event I was asked to help curate.
And it also observes a lack of re-address for cases of torture and other ill-treatment.
Pisces THOSE eclipses are to the fore with March 9 and September 16 the dates to watch out for as you re-address a family matter.
Talking to media persons outside the Parliament House, he said Sindh government wanted to re-address its previous mistake by bringing the matter of extension in Rangers' powers in provincial Assembly for approval.