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address, direct - put an address on (an envelope)
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Wayne Spence, President of the Public Employees Foundation, said: We would like to thank the Governor for agreeing to re-address this very important issue in the upcoming budget.
Anderson blinked first as Murray broke him to go 2-1 up but the Scot was distracted by movement in the crowd and was forced to re-address his serve.
us via Twitter: DPBUSINESSWALES "I was forced to take a long hard look at my business, re-address my values and critically assess my beliefs and behaviour in relation to what was going on in my company.
Bowlsby said it appears the conference was penalized for not having a conference championship game, and will likely re-address how it decides its champion and the possibility of playing a title game.
An offender who apologizes for his misdeed attempts to re-address his offense, the source of your resentment.
Although a representative of Young Monet said that Lil Wayne and Cristiano Ronaldo are really working together, the superstar still needs to re-address and re-debunk this report; but he doesn't need to if he's really going to do the project.
How disappointed they must have been Welsh Rugby Union - you need to re-address your ideas when planning big days such as this one, work in harmony with other groups so that the average rugby fan is catered for on every level.
Certainly, we need to think democracy otherwise, to re-address urgently here and now the issue of democracy and critical practice.
So much has already been written about the pope's extensive interview that I am not going to re-address the details here.
The England manager's job is a hard job as it is and it's going to get harder and harder unless we re-address it with a rule change.
Instead, transform this wave of senseless loss into a wave of action, an opportunity to address or re-address issues of workplace violence, campus violence, facility protection, and crisis management planning.
Not going on tour this summer has given me a couple of months to re-address myself and move forward to the next challenge.