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incorporate, integrate - make into a whole or make part of a whole; "She incorporated his suggestions into her proposal"
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They pledge to focus on improving the standard of living of the Macedonian Army staff and the professional soldiers partaking in NATO's missions, that they will re-incorporate the preschool education into Macedonia's education system and will reduce the number of subjects in primary and secondary schools.
The US is using political and military tools to pressure Egypt to re-incorporate the Muslim Brotherhood in the political scene.
As today's medical devices and systems become increasingly complex and interconnected, it is crucial for organizations to reassess their development team structures and actively re-incorporate the function and role of the systems engineer.
PMC Commercial Trust (NASDAQ:PMCT), a real estate investment trust, disclosed on Tuesday that it will change its name to 'CIM Commercial Trust Corporation' with immediate effect and re-incorporate from Texas to Maryland, besides changing its NASDAQ ticker symbol to 'CMCT' at the opening of trading the same day.
6 of 2012 ("Non Profit Incorporated Organisations Law") to allow existing non-profit organisations to become Non-Profit Incorporated Organisations without having to dissolve and re-incorporate.
6 of 2012 ( Non Profit Incorporated Organisations Law ) to allow existing non profit organisations to become Non-Profit Incorporated Organisations without having to dissolve and re-incorporate.
If international companies can be persuaded by "sweet deals" to re-incorporate and domicile their holding companies in Wales, and erect their "brass plaques i Craig Ferguson - actor was Thousand Machynlleth" on the same or more lucrative terms than they currently enjoy in Dublin, Ireland, Zug, Switzerland, or Hamilton, Bermuda, and if that provides a platform for them to trade profitably and tax-efficiently throughout the UK, then we get to keep our cake and eat it.
Paraguay's Environment Minister, Heriberto Osnaghi said: "The intention is to re-incorporate them into nature in what we call natural conditions.
Similarly, today's youth leadership, wherever they may be and to whichever organisation they may belong, must come together to distinguish between "traditional" and "modern" ways of life, re-incorporate the "Indian" culture into the mindset of the youth, and ponder why the West is copying the East to lower the number of cases like divorce, Aids, etc.
Asked if the UAE could actually mount a successful qualification campaign to Rio 2016, the first Games to re-incorporate golf as an Olympic sport for more than a century, Al Musharrakh said: "Why not?
Fellow gold and silver producer Polyus Gold undertook a reverse takeover of KazakhGold and had hoped to re-incorporate in the UK and moves its primary listing to London in October 2011.
Restore rights of dismissed officers and re-incorporate them in their former posts,