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tr.v. re-leased, re-leas·ing, re-leas·es
To lease again: re-leased the car.



v.t. -leased, -leas•ing.
to lease again.



v. -leased, -leas•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to free from confinement, bondage, obligation, pain, etc.; let go.
2. to free from anything that restrains or fastens; loose.
3. to allow to be known, issued, done, or exhibited: to release an article for publication.
4. to relinquish or surrender (a legal right, claim, etc.).
5. a freeing or releasing from confinement, obligation, pain, emotional strain, etc.
6. liberation from anything that restrains or fastens.
7. a device or agency that effects such liberation.
8. a grant of permission, as to publish, use, or sell something.
9. the releasing of something for publication, performance, use, exhibition, or sale.
10. a film, book, record, etc., that is released.
a. the surrender of a legal right or the like to another.
b. a document embodying such a surrender.
12. a control mechanism for starting or stopping a machine, esp. by removing some restrictive apparatus.
[1250–1300; (v.) Middle English reles(s)en < Old French relesser, relaissier < Latin relaxāre to loosen (see relax); (n.) Middle English reles(e) < Old French reles, relais, derivative of the v.]
re•leas′a•ble, adj.
re•leas`a•bil′i•ty, n.
syn: release, free, dismiss, discharge, liberate all mean to let loose or let go. release and free both suggest a helpful action; they may be used of delivering a person from confinement or obligation: to release prisoners; to free a student from certain course requirements. dismiss usu. means to force to go unwillingly; however, it may also refer to giving permission to go: to dismiss an employee; to dismiss a class. discharge usu. means to relieve of an obligation, office, etc.; it may also mean to permit to go: The soldier was discharged. The hospital discharged the patient. liberate suggests particularly the deliverance from unjust punishment, oppression, or the like, and often means to set free through forcible or military action: to liberate occupied territories.
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The largest building, previously leased to Restaurant Depot which accounted for 85 percent of the leasable area, was gut renovated in early 2016 and re-leased in less than six months.
The re-leased and newly leased space amounts to about 142,700 square feet, said Larissa Champeau, a broker with the Minneapolis office of Los Angeles-based CBRE, which has been tasked with marketing the properties.
He added that four aircraft have been sold and re-leased to the ALAFCO company in a financing partnership.
The County will be interested in having the approximately 14,400 square foot terminal repurposed and re-leased at that time
Police arrested three 16-year-old girls in connection with the beating last week, who were re-leased after being charged.
Dubai's residential clusters such as Jumeirah Village, Arabian Ranches and Green Community now of-fer a price point many investors/end users would be comfortable with, according to new data re-leased by Core UAE, the property services firm.
The stunned teenager was taken to the city's Royal Victoria Infirmary following the attack, where her injuries were treated and she was later re-leased.
Effective 1 January 2015, the 13 properties included in the 37 property portfolio will be re-leased to Senior Lifestyle under a 15-year master lease and seven properties will be re-leased to Veritas InCare under a ten year master lease.
NZBusiness caught up with two of the New Zealand regional winners prior to the overall category winners being announced: Tom Wallace of Re-Leased, who entered the Rising Star Award (under 25 years); and Frances Valintine from The Mind Lab, a contender for Best Start Up.
Where the firms do share a similarity is in their vast property portfolios which could potentially be sold off and re-leased back to free up significant amounts of cash for business development and of course shareholder dividends.
It will be re-leased as a limited-edition 10 inch single, with lyrics etched on the B-side.