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v. t.1.To mark again, or a second time; to mark anew.
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He argues that by giving him a lower grade than he deserves and in the event his examination papers are not re-marked the respondents will have denied him his right to timely university education.
Assistant headteacher Janet Lloyd said when she retrieved pupils' test papers from a locked cupboard she found they had been re-marked with higher results.
Parts are sanded or put through an acid bath, then re-coated and re-marked through a process called "blacktopping.
Candidates also now have the opportunity to have their scripts re-marked or rechecked.
One driver, who uses the route to get from south Birmingham to the city centre every day, said: "I think the lanes were re-marked when the traffic signals were added in May.
A submission by Schools North East detailed how re-marked papers were returned to schools with as many as 30 additional marks, reported that delays meant talented students missed out on university places and said that, in some cases, schools had paid PS3,000 for external moderators to re-examine papers.
We repainted and re-marked the area between the third and fifth bridges in both directions from 12 midnight to 6am, and these works are expected to be completed by mid next month.
Prior to second and third observations, the same pigs that had already been mixed at weaning (day 25) were randomly re-marked and re-mixed.
A ROAD where a young dad died after a tragic motorbike accident has been re-marked after a coroner wrote to a council requesting the work.
My essay was re-marked by another staff member, who faulted me for not "discussing the place of te reo Maori or tikanga in either science or English," and for using "emotive language" in the phrase "the fruits and glories of Western learning.