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v. t.1.To mark again, or a second time; to mark anew.
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Prior to second and third observations, the same pigs that had already been mixed at weaning (day 25) were randomly re-marked and re-mixed.
A ROAD where a young dad died after a tragic motorbike accident has been re-marked after a coroner wrote to a council requesting the work.
A Welsh Government review concluded there was no justification for re-grading the modules, although some 300 tests in Wales, less than 1%, were re-marked following 'inconsistencies' by one examiner.
The roadway used to have four lanes -- two in each direction -- but after repaving that portion of Pleasant Street, the state re-marked the roadway in such a way so there are two lanes heading toward Paxton but only one lane heading toward Tatnuck Square.
Of the nearly 50 million metric tons of e-waste generated worldwide, 70 percent ends up in China where it is often picked apart, re-marked, and sold as new.
Many older rifles were rechambered to some other round without the barrel being re-marked.
The ball cage has been re-MARKED and staff will soon be able to introduce lots of different sports, other than football.
A total of 18 of the most important and most interesting hiking trails created over the past 15 years have been partially and fully re-marked, such as the "Patyat na Yasnia Mesets" (The path of the clear moon) eco path, the "Kladara" eco path and the eco path leading to the "Indipascha" healing spring.
He said: "I spoke to a trained careers adviser at the Exam Results Helpline who talked through my options including Clearing, getting my exam papers re-marked and re-sitting my final year of A-levels and applying for a place at the University of Sheffield for the following year.
Some Wanjinas, such as the one at Carpenter's Gap 1, have been outlined or re-marked in charcoal (Figures 6a & b).
RECORD numbers of students asked for their GCSE and A-level papers to be re-marked, exams regulator Ofqual said yesterday.