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v.t., v.i.
to treat again.



1. the forced or strategic withdrawal of a military force before an enemy.
2. the act of withdrawing, as into safety or privacy; retirement.
3. a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy.
4. an asylum, as for the insane.
5. a retirement or a period of retirement for religious exercises and meditation.
a. a flag-lowering ceremony held at sunset on a military post.
b. the bugle call or drumbeat played at this ceremony.
7. to withdraw, retire, or draw back, esp. for shelter or seclusion.
8. to make a retreat.
9. to slope backward; recede.
10. to draw or lead back.
beat a retreat, to withdraw or retreat, esp. in disgrace.
[1300–50; (n.) retret < Old French, variant of retrait, n. use of past participle of retraire to draw back < Latin retrahere (see retract1); (v.) late Middle English retreten < Middle French retraitier < Latin retractāre to retract2]
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If you can be bothered, then sand and re-treat every year or two, but decking is pressure treated so you don't need to worry about it rotting.
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval to US-based Gilead Sciences for its Vosevi intended to re-treat adults with chronic hepatitis C virus infection, it was reported on Wednesday.
The field office, which provides oversight, and contractor LANS have been testing equipment and processes to re-treat the drum contents, while LANS has also been making modifications to the facilities where the waste will be treated, according to an EM newsletter.
You re-treat weekly so you're always hitting new hairs entering that phase.
As a result, patients who fail a first-line DAA "are likely to require a multitargeted approach to re-treat infection.
Work must be guaranteed so that if, at any time during the contract, are-infestation should occur, vendor will re-treat affected area(s) at no additional cost.
The existing but inactive Kinross metallurgical plant will be refurbished to re-treat about 180,000 mt/y via carbon-in-leach, electro-winning and smelting to produce a saleable product.
This gives GuttaCore unique inner strength, and because the strong core is gutta-percha rather than conventional plastic, it's easier to re-treat.
Re-treat days form a balance of input, studio time, personal time for reflection, plus visits to places like Assisi, La Verna, Cortona, and local art treasures.
Re-treat the deck whenever water stops beading on the surface.
Consequently, if there were enough coverage lapses due to intermittent (or worse) electrostatic failure, a grower might have to re-treat a block when he or she determines the material did not kill the intended target.