read back

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w>read back

vt sep shorthandlesen; one’s notes etcnoch einmal lesen; (to sb) → noch einmal vorlesen
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I read back in my life and saw how the accessibility of alcohol had given me the taste for it.
She was compelled to read back in order to regain the swing of the letter she was writing.
Members of the jury, I have discussed with the attorneys your request to have certain testimony read back to you.
It examines the options available to the court and parties when such a read back request is made.
For slow learners who can't read, the school will have a computer program that will read back text to students, Kennepohl said.
Numan told Rangers News: "From what I've read back in Holland I don't think the Euroleague will become the future.
The users can have the textual parts of the site read back to them over the telephone, interacting with the site through spoken commands.
An example would be having your order read back to you before you check out or a financial quote page read back in real-time.
A few journalists are willing--or eager--to show or read back an entire story before publication.
Messages are then displayed on the infotainment system screen, or for maximum safety and ease, read back aloud using a text-to-speech option.
Big Brother then read back her remarks about "Shilpa Poppadom".