read back

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w>read back

vt sep shorthandlesen; one’s notes etcnoch einmal lesen; (to sb) → noch einmal vorlesen
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I read back in my life and saw how the accessibility of alcohol had given me the taste for it.
She was compelled to read back in order to regain the swing of the letter she was writing.
One Twitter user wrote: "Want to read back your job title Greg and maybe rethink this tweet?
b, "Pilots of airborne aircraft should read back those parts of ATC clearances and instructions containing altitude assignments, vectors, or runway assignments as a means of mutual verification.
The new Series 2380 DC Electronic Loads feature multiple operation modes and diverse auto test modes with up to 25 kHz dynamic load cycling mode, superior voltage/current resolution and read back accuracy and multiple interface choices.
Pilots are required to read back either the hold-short instructions or clearance across runways, and I failed to do either.
Chris Telesford's app allows users to take photos of words, which are immediately read back to them.
I asked them to read back the card details they had but the guy said he couldn't because of data protection rules.
Members of the jury, you have asked that the following testimony be read back to you: (describe testimony)
An output buffer enables measurement results to be stored and read back when the system is ready to process the results.
However, a Florida jury holds no red flag; nor is it instructed that a read back is allowed, still less what can and cannot be read back.
According to ATC, the pilot had read back his clearance to descend from 8000 feet to 6000 feet when radar and radio contact with the flight was lost.