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Noun1.reading assignment - the reading of a passage assigned by the teacher
lesson - a task assigned for individual study; "he did the lesson for today"
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Each instructor blog message is accompanied by a reading assignment.
In this study, data was collected and compared on the following three strategies: 1) the global homework assignment with planned quizzes on the reading assignment, 2) the focused homework assignment (focus worksheet) with teacher check off.
A memoir by a former Mafia wife and getaway driver is not your usual class reading assignment, but University of Oregon religious studies Professor Mark Unno's ``Dark Self East and West'' is not your usual class.
Perhaps a music theory workbook would be included in each folder or a reading assignment for music history.
7 the House Appropriations Committee of the North Carolina House of Representatives voted 64-10 to bar UNC from using public funds for the reading assignment unless it agrees to give equal time to other religions.
If Jewell Parker Rhodes says she never "encountered a single reading assignment or exercise that featured a person of color," she has corrected that oversight in fine fashion with her latest book, The African American Guide to Writing and Publishing Nonfiction.
After completing a reading assignment, do you review the material to organize and summarize what you have learned?
Maizon introduces her class to Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye in a reading assignment, but otherwise is denied her heritage during the educational process.
With outside reading assignments, instructors can formulate a question for the group to pursue in follow-up discussion after the required reading assignment is completed.
Whether the learner is doing a reading assignment in the classroom or getting one-on-one feedback on the job, the foundation for the Applebee's program is the ServSafe Alcohol curriculum.
Despite the fact that reading levels are in decline, but the merits of reading remain in high regard, we designed and implemented a reading assignment for college freshman science students.
Los Angeles Councilman Jack Weiss, flanked by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief William Bratton, shows the first reading assignment for the National Counter-Terrorism Academy.

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