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Noun1.reading clinic - a clinic for people with reading disabilities
clinic - meeting for diagnosis of problems and instruction or remedial work in a particular activity
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Andrew was referred by the local school district to our university reading clinic because he experienced difficulty in word recognition and comprehension.
The work entitled Personality Disorders (with a subtitle reading Clinic and forensic psychiatry aspects) was published in Chicinau, in 2015, and it aimed to update written information related to this category of psychiatric disorders and to adapt it to the new diagnostic and clinical approach guidelines developed at international level.
This was Rasinski's experience in his reading clinic where students mastered one or two poems and performed them for classmates, teachers and other adults.
Peter completed his third year of law school at the University of Virginia while Mary taught in the University's Reading Clinic.
The Reading Clinic at Liberty University's role is to assist children who have reading difficulties.
At the North Carolina State Reading Clinic, we often serve older students who are reading significantly below level and are well aware of their struggles.
McCoy); (10) Investigating Attitudes of Secondary Preservice Teachers Regarding Teaching Content Area Literacy Strategies (CALS) and their Attitude Differences by Academic Majors (Kay Hongnam and Susan Szabo); (11) College Students Motivation to Read (Catherin McGeehan and Martha Mercantini); (12) Moving the University Reading Clinic to an Online Setting (Linda K.
Taylor, a former reading technology supervisor and instructor who has designed and manufactured reading improvement devices, explains basic reading skills and shows education students and professors, classroom teachers, reading clinic specialists, and behavioral optometrists how to evaluate these skills through eye-movement recording.
His 20-plus years of experience as an English teacher, reading specialist, reading consultant, professor, and director of a reading clinic is evident in the depth of content and practical elements of the book.
The summer Reading Clinic program lasted five weeks, four days per week, and three hours per day.
The authors provide case studies, personal anecdotes from their own reading clinic and concise definitions of technical terms to illustrate and elaborate on assessment.
My mother eventually taught for over sixty-five years, reluctantly retiring from her reading clinic at the age of eighty-nine after she broke a second hip.

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