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or read-out  (rēd′out′)
n. Computers
Presentation of data, usually in digital form, from calculations or storage.


(Electronics) a display on an electronic measuring device showing the level of something such as a speed, height, or sound


or read′-out`,

the output of information from a computer in readable form.
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Noun1.readout - the output of a computer in readable form
output signal, output - signal that comes out of an electronic system
2.readout - the information displayed or recorded on an electronic device
info, information - a message received and understood
3.readout - an electronic device the displays information is a visual form
electronic device - a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically


[ˈriːdaʊt] n [instrument, measuring device] → mesure fread-write memory n (COMPUTING)mémoire f vive
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In addition, Livmo comes with other functions, including Twitter posting, allowing user to earn five more minutes of free text-to-speech readout time for each post, as well as reading-speed alteration useful for language learners.
RAY: The dashboard readouts actually are pretty good, Pat.
Board rework is impractical to replace a failed device; instead, the entire readout board would be replaced, even though the other devices on board are good.
The pixel readout circuits of CMOS image sensors are largely noise reducing correlated double sampling (CDS) circuits, along with a programmable gain amplifier (PGA) and an analog to digital converter (ADC).
With a readout we'd avoid the burger and plump for the salad because psychologically we get a thrill from throttling back.
Mrsel and Mcsel are selection transistors in an infrared focal plane arrays (IRFPA's), the simulation readout speed can reach 53KHZ with a 6.
President Obama concluded the call by conveying his intention to visit Pakistan in 2011 and personally welcomed President Zardari to visit the United States in the coming year," the readout added.
By modifying the method employed to control the readout circuit timing, Canon achieved the high-speed readout of sensor signals.
By modifying the method employed to control the readout circuit timing, Canon successfully achieved the high-speed readout of sensor signals.
By increasing the number of event data recorder readout devices and training more staff across the country, Toyota is better prepared to respond to customer concerns quickly and address their needs more effectively,'' Steve St.
According to a readout distributed by the White House Press Office, Obama and his national security team met for his monthly update on Afghanistan and Pakistan.
IS anyone able to explain how the time readouts displays at bus stops help travellers?