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Noun1.reaffiliation - affiliation anew
affiliation - the act of becoming formally connected or joined; "welcomed the affiliation of the research center with the university"
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The discussions also covered Egypt's proposed reaffiliation to IPU during the 134th IPU Assembly in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, in March.
By reimagining the rural world in this way, Butts illuminates one of the central questions regarding the value of cosmopolitan distance: as Amanda Anderson explains, cosmopolitanism can be understood as "the capacious inclusion of multiple forms of affiliation, disaffiliation, and reaffiliation, simultaneously insisting on the need for informing principles of self-reflexivity, critique, and common humanity" (2001,30).
According to Mark Slobin, "This move toward [musical] roots parallels the general drive for reaffiliation with Jewishness that has snowballed since the 1960s to become the most important trend in Jewish-American life.
Cette cure, a l'image des cures chamaniques ashuar, opere une sorte de << reaffiliation du malade et de restitution de sa "sujeite" active>> au monde humain kasua (Taylor et Janin 2009b: 136).
James Radloff's recent highly public departure from the Roman Catholic church (NCR, May 9-22) to seek incardination into the Evangelical Catholic church as an active priest, the little-known denomination received 80 inquiries from former and current Catholic priests about reaffiliation as of May 6.
Among these, they describe "narratives of family," which include narratives of discovery, reaffiliation, or disaffiliation.
At the same time, it may be that a future orientation would result in less aggression, because individuals may wish for future reaffiliation and thus would avoid conflict now.
Newberry made his interchange comments as CUNA and the League of Southeastern Credit Unions heralded the Huntsville CU's reaffiliation with the trade groups.
In some cases this was because of the amount of outstanding affiliation fees while, with others, reaffiliation had to be sought.
The comparative history of Malaysia under Mahathir and the Philippines under Marcos shows that such tactical orientations are a small part--and often the penultimate phase--in a longer process through which institutions structure the preferences of ruling elites toward defection or reaffiliation.
Lobisser said both have since applied for reaffiliation.
The review showed that 22% of individuals defined as religious had experienced some degree of recent congregational conflict, often necessitating a reaffiliation with a new house of worship, and 11% had abandoned religious practice altogether.