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Noun1.real stuff - informal usage attributing authenticity
authenticity, genuineness, legitimacy - undisputed credibility
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So, now, old coon," said he to the man at the bar, "get us hot water, and sugar, and cigars, and plenty of the real stuff and we'll have a blow-out.
Merely preliminary and precautionary," he explained when I had finished; "but now for the real stuff.
Now it's on to the real stuff on Tuesday against Raith Rovers and we'll be ready to go for that one.
But when the real stuff starts, there has to be just one singer and just one song.
This is a much watered-down version of the real stuff which I learned and subsequently taught in grammar school.
Philippines basketball is tough, physical and got some great players so I'm excited to compete against them and show my real stuff, said the 28-year-old Krayem.
The e-cig users - known as vapers - are 59% less likely to quit the real stuff than smokers who have never used the battery-operated products.
Of course, the real stuff of the US Masters will be resolved close to midnight over here, with the famous Green Jacket being worn proudly by the eventual winner.
Stories are divided into three sections: oThe Real Stuff You Missed in History Class,o oScandals, Lies, Thefts, and Crimes,o and oHistorical Myths and Mysteries Decoded.
While all the Barca and Real stuff may have been a bit farfetched, he is saying all the right things.
Now the real stuff starts and we are going to see what we are made of.
Nitish who has often stated that he would not seek re- election if he is not able to provide electricity to the entire state, instructed senior officials of the energy department to look into their demand for the real stuff.