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Noun1.real thing - informal usage attributing authenticity
authenticity, genuineness, legitimacy - undisputed credibility
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I had made a pipe a while back, and also some pretty fair tobacco; not the real thing, but what some of the Indians use: the inside bark of the willow, dried.
He's sure the real thing," he told one of his fellow-clubmen afterwards, in the smoking-room of the Alta-Pacific.
They are all like that," Geraldine whispered "when they've been face to face with the real thing.
But this is no time for thinking: now I am in for the real thing," I thought, and my heart sank.
You've tricked something out with your imagination that you think love, and you expect the real thing to look like that.
You can get what the European hotel-keeper thinks is coffee, but it resembles the real thing as hypocrisy resembles holiness.
The whole drama of the man's great past rose up before her eyes, made a living and real thing by his simple but vigorous language.
Trix turned red; but before she could load and fire again, Emma Davenport, who labored under the delusion that this sort of skirmishing was ill-natured, and therefore ill-bred, spoke up in her pleasant way, "Speaking of pitying the poor, I always wonder why it is that we all like to read and cry over their troubles in books, but when we have the real thing before us, we think it is uninteresting and disagreeable.
His brain is filled with the husks of books, culture--horrible; we want him to wash out his brain and go to the real thing.
Harris said he thought that map must have been got up as a practical joke, because it wasn't a bit like the real thing, and only misleading.
Well, it was because he did not know what the real thing was,' he thought, concerning that Vasili Brekhunov.
I like to be sure that I am reading about a real man or a real thing.