rearview mirror

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rear·view mirror

A mirror, such as one attached to a motor vehicle, that provides a view of what is behind.

rear′view mir′ror

an automobile mirror mounted so as to provide the driver with a view of the road to the rear.
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Noun1.rearview mirror - car mirror that reflects the view out of the rear windowrearview mirror - car mirror that reflects the view out of the rear window
car mirror - a mirror that the driver of a car can use
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8220;People are accustomed to glancing up at the rearview mirror from the time they learn to drive.
The streaming video mirror improves field of vision by an estimated 300 percent, or roughly four times greater than a standard rearview mirror.
Hanging a handicap placard from the rearview mirror on the front windshield is against the law.
The camera projects a clear image onto the monitor, while the traditional rearview mirror can be accessed at the flick of a switch.
Then look through the rearview mirror of your day (at noon
The air freshener, which hangs from the rearview mirror like a conventional Magic Tree freshener, shares a number of practical tips for paintwork care.
With the past clearly visible in his rearview mirror, Artschwager has arrived at several pictorial strategies that seem colorful, varied, weird, and wholly new.
Scattered cargo is the last thing a driver wants to see while looking in his rearview mirror.
They create a system that's about as effective as driving with the windshield covered while looking in the rearview mirror.
The building blocks for the system are relatively simple: a 24 GHz radar unit on each side of the vehicle to provide blind spot warnings, a longer range forward-looking radar unit, a camera mounted near the rearview mirror to detect lane markings, and a navigation system that uses the latest high-definition digital maps.
Journalist Tom Brokaw's hymn of praise to South Dakota, small towns, sweat equity, and family tells about "growing up in the American heartland in the Forties and Fifties," and takes readers from the author's birth in 1940 to 1962, when he "put (his) home state of South Dakota in a rearview mirror and drove away.
In the car, dangle the ScentTraveler ($7 to $9) from your rearview mirror.